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TTMT#39 The Purge Continues…

10 thoughts on “TTMT#39 The Purge Continues…

  1. Oooo, I like the rainbow graduation of your trinkets. Mine are going to be all scrappy. I’m not sure I’ll do the solid blocks between them. We’ll see. I have 6 bins of scraps sorted by colors – 2 each of warm colors, 2 of cools and 2 of neutrals. When I started this I grabbed some from each bin and stuffed them in a bag. When I start a block, I reach in and grab one, then look for something for the accent. I have never done anything this unplanned either. I kind of feel like it takes more time for me to be random than to be more planned out.


  2. …and I still love your sewing nook!

    We’re also cleaning out a lot of stuff. Stuff is like tribbles…

    Ah, bridging! I remember doing that with my daughter. All the badge sewing!

    I like your “good enough” fabric. I’ve been doing that a lot lately!


    1. Haha It is like the Tribbles! I did so much in December and still have a ton more to go. It’s like the first time around I wasn’t filling committed to getting rid of the stuff. 😂Sigh I am going to spend tomorrow (I think ) bringing stuff to it’s new home. The piles are making me nuts. So I’m gonna take the day to move some of it before I dive back in.

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  3. It’s funny how some quilts are so “neat” and some are just a constant mess! I think planning can ruin a quilt and make it so run-of-the-mill common, but then I see the planned ones and love them. I’m not a planner. I’m sometimes over half way through a quilt and still don’t know how bit it’s going to be or what the rest will look like. And it always ends up more pleasing to me than if I had planned it all up front.

    Purging is so liberating, but moving stuff/tribbles around is easier.

    I loved your individual trinket blocks, but hadn’t seen the pattern. They are amazing all together. That’s going to be a favorite!

    Have a great week.


  4. Been through a few bridging ceremonies myself as a GS, not as a mom. I still have badges my mom “never got around” to sewing onto my sash.

    The trinkets is looking great! I love that black tonal, it’s great for so many different uses.


  5. The trinkets quilt looks great. I don’t think any odd ball blocks will be noticeable at all. You are a real dedicated leader to be the one to do the sashes. That’s a lot of work. I’m sure they all appreciate it. Have a good week.


  6. I somehow thought it was a shuttlecock, it didn’t even occur to me that it was a medal/prize ribbon type thing haha. Your blocks look SO good together in that last shot! It’s going to be such a cute quilt.


  7. I love your quilt!! It’s amazing!!!

    I know I need to declutter, but it’s finding the time and energy. Usually this time of year, I take off a week for just me to do stuff, but with my sisters’ baby coming later this year, I’m saving more time than usual.


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