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TTMT #90 All About The Hand Piecing

13 thoughts on “TTMT #90 All About The Hand Piecing

  1. The hand pieced blocks look sooo good! Good for you to take a down week for you. I think we all need those. I took craft on those weeks but at my pace on my stuff.

    Good solution for the garden and mowing. We have a ton a yard work to do next week as it warms up but before everything kind explodes with growth.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. Thank you!

      Yes, we all need some time to just slow down and breathe.

      Once the rainy season hits here It becomes all about the mowing. Once the grass comes back it’s so much harder to remove.


  2. A “slow” week is great! Oh, my! Your piecing is gorgeous! My mother was a hand quilter. She used tiny little needles and a huge magnifying glass, and if I was around she had me thread her needles for her. To put the binding on you would just have to take a stitch at a time and go straight through (instead of stacking your stitches and pulling them through together) and then back up. SLOWWWW. I love that you are true to hand-piecing the whole thing, but I think binding it on the machine would be perfectly fine. I wouldn’t fix the popped-through stitches…even machine piecing does that every now and then. Hand quilting that will be wonderful!

    A new flower bed is so exciting! I think new things make spring more fresh and new! Thinking through the mowing is clever. I usually use pavers around my gardens so I can just mow over the edge of them and not have to edge. It’s worth the effort. Yes, gardening is relaxing.

    Again, so, so impressed.


    1. Thank you! I think I’ll be machine sewing the binding to start and the hand sew to the back. Best of both worlds 😉

      I like pavers as pathways through a garden


  3. Great work on the hand piecing.

    Slow week? What the heck is that? I’ve been constantly on the go for what seems like the last couple of years. I’ve been debating taking some time off work to just do things for me, but with my sis-in-love having a baby later this year, I’mma save my time for that. 🙂


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