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TTMT #71 – Just more hearts, more work on patterns, and an Overlapping Squares baby quilt. That’s all.

15 thoughts on “TTMT #71 – Just more hearts, more work on patterns, and an Overlapping Squares baby quilt. That’s all.

  1. I did something similar to what you’re doing for your artic wonderland a couple of years ago for a music raffle. I really liked how it came out. I ended up doing another one when the music teacher retired. Lots of fun.

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  2. “Just”. That’s so funny, you got a lot done! I really do love your heart pattern.

    I love the baby version of your pattern. It’s a really cute pattern. I would love to see what a single block looks like because my brain doesn’t see blocks when I look at it. As well as the pattern for the whole thing of course. But I am super interested in the construction process. I never really got into precuts because I hated how they weren’t consistent in their size and they shed all over because of how they are cut. But now that I have the accuquilt Go! I am all about saving my wrist and cutting a bunch of the same size at the same time, especially strips!

    I hope next week is at least as productive as this one if this one was “not very much”. 🙂


    1. I am not a big fan of precuts any more, but I don’t mind cutting fat quarters. Wish I had an acuquilt Go! It’s on my wish list.
      It looks like 16″ squares, but to get the to “overlap” the ones in the back are only 3/4 squares. Then, to get them into rows for assembly, I had to use 1/2 squares and 1/4 squares. I’ll send you the pattern so you can see what I’m talking about. I tried but can’t post pictures here. How would you like me to get it to you?


  3. Well you got a lot done.
    The Overlapping Square looks great. It’s such a nice think when a pattern comes together fast and looks great.

    The hearts are super sweet. It’s a lovely design.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. I actually l had so muich fun with it, and still can’t believe how fast it was (but 16″ blocks…). Now I’m starting on my Artcic Wonderland panel (using the same pattern) even though I was waiting on that one. It’s so easy and mindless that I’m going to use it as my filler between the things I have to think about.


  4. You did a LOT, I love both quilts They are looking great.
    I just looked on messenger and found the pattern. Thank you! I haven’t been on FB for several days and my cousin floods messenger with stuff so it took a minute to find it. Thank you I have a whole bunch of black and white fat quarters (some more black than white and some more white than black) and have been thinking of something to do to use them. This may be just the project. Sorry I didn’t answer more quickly.


    1. You’re very welcome.

      Oh, that sounds like perfect fabric for the Overlapping Squares pattern. I’m very partial to black/white any time. I’m suddenly working with solids a lot this year, which is not typical for me.


  5. The overlapping squares quilt turned out really well! It’s a nice looking pattern.. nice that it’s also easy 😀

    The heart blocks are looking very good too, it’s going to be really neat all put together, isn’t it?


    1. Thanks. I just love both of those new patterns. Of course, the heart one is very special to me. The Overlapping Squares is just fun.


  6. Hello again lovely. I, too, have been sporadic in my TTMT-ing of late, so I know what you mean about not having been around for some of it.

    Your blocks are gorgeous and that baby quilt top is astounding. Love the pattern!


    1. Thanks.
      It’s always so great to have you back when you do get here, though.
      The baby quilt is just a test of one of my 2 new patterns. I am really pleased with it. It’s “different” for a baby quilt, but hey, aren’t we all!


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