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TTMT #54 | Stop! Hammer Time!!! | 04/09/2019

Hello All!

I apologize in advance if this video doesn’t seems to flow. I fell asleep a few times during editing. I do know that a blooper was included at the end… oh well!

Also my internet speed was lower than a turtle… it said 83 minutes to upload a 9 minute video. So of course I fell asleep! lol Found out on the news this morning that our fiber optic lines were being rerouted because of the new interstate bridge construction. Glad I got it uploaded when I did… they reported that sometime during the night there was no service at all!

Here are the links for the zippers…
✂️YaHoGa #5 Silver Metallic Nylon Coil Zippers by The Yard Bulk Black 10 Yards with 25pcs Sliders for DIY Sewing Tailor Craft Bags (Silver Black)

✂️Mandala Crafts Colored Nylon Coil Zipper for Sewing, Handbag, Purse Making, Clothing, Wholesale Pack (26 Inches 50 Count, 20 Assorted Colors)

Have a great week!

14 thoughts on “TTMT #54 | Stop! Hammer Time!!! | 04/09/2019

  1. Bags are definitely your bag! You do such a beautifully professional job. And those pants are so cute I was picturing Jaxon dancing to Hammertime! Good buy on those zippers. I really like the black & silver ones.


    1. Thanks, I just need to work a little faster and daydream a lot less. I could produce more bags … lol that IS a funny though- Jaxon dancing!!!! Those zippers rock, they even have the rainbow metallic look too. They cost so much more at other shops. Glad they are now available on Amazon!!! Has Little G had a chance to wear the pant you made him?


  2. Your bags are fab! Really I never see one I don’t like.

    The zippers are great. I have bought some bulk but I like the zipper by the yard idea. It just gives you a lot of flexibility in what they get used on vs buying a specific sizes.

    Cute pants as always.

    Have a good week & Happy Crafting


  3. The bag is wonderful, as usual! And what a deal on the zippers! I recently bought upholstery zippers at JoAnne’s that I’m going to use to make leaders for the LA. They are really fun. I’ve always been interested in the do-it-yourself zippers, but then I thought that I would never use them all because I like them in all different colors. But, the way you use them is just screaming for them. Who knows, maybe when I finish my leaders I’ll decide that’s what I need to use going forward.

    Those pants are precious! Great fabric choices.

    The lighting this week is completely different. Looks perfect.


    1. Thank you! Last year I used those upholstery zippers when I made the cushion covers. They were my 1st real experience with zippers.

      You should look around on Amazon, they do have by the yard packs that include 3 different colors in 5yd instead of 10yds. I bought a blue/green 5yd pack so that’s why I was able to match the zippers to his backpack and vacation packing cube. I will try to remember to send you the links..

      Thanks for the lighting feedback!


  4. Jaxon’s bag is great. And those zippers! The black zipper tape is really quite striking. I laughed out loud when you said you didn’t want your project to look like a Johnny Cash bag!

    My default hairstyle is “up.” I love having lots of hair, but it gets in my face, not so good for crafting. I really like your headband as an option!

    Sweet, sweet pants for Jaxon. The fabrics are super cute!

    Get some rest, lady!


  5. Beautiful work!! Love the packing cube especially!!

    I’ve never used zippers before….quite frankly they scare me to death. 🙂


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