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TTMT #515 – Clover Do Over

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17 thoughts on “TTMT #515 – Clover Do Over

  1. I see arrows, also. I really like the Do Over. You’re getting close on your demo.

    How exciting to get a Monet print like that at the thrift store!!!! The maps look fabulous.


    1. I’ve had so many fun comments on the “do over” quilt! Arrows, Minecraft, and more. Today is all demo, all day! I want to get everything finished this week so I can spend my crafty time next week cutting jelly roll strips to share at Linus.

      I’m still gobsmacked about the Monet print. I had no idea it was anything special when I bought it. I recognized the piece, but I assumed it was more recent.

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  2. Someone also mentioned it, but I was thinking minecraft also.
    Have a great birthday. When I get back down to the sewing room I’ll see what I can send.


  3. I think I like the do-over better. I see the arrows or birds. Maybe you should call that one the Rohrshach quilt.
    The map wall is lovely. And the Monet print is a great find.


    1. I will have to share Cynthia’s on-purpose do-over. She turned the entire “clover” and created yet another quilt! I think I’ll have to add the accidental variations to the pattern!

      The hubby has been collecting maps for years. He’s really happy to finally have a place to display them.


  4. I love both versions of the clovers, but I especially like how that map fabric is looking in there. You don’t always expect something that is so graphic to look so good when it’s cut into smaller bits but it looks great!

    I keep debating on the FQ lotto. I might send them but not enter. We shall see. I definitely don’t want 100 random FQ coming my way because then I’d have to figure out where to put them!

    I love shopping for frames at thrift stores. You never know what you’ll find.


    1. The map fabric is soooo yummy! I chose it because I had coordinates in my stash, but dang, I love the way it worked out!

      At most, you’d get 50 fat quarters. 😉 But seriously, if you want to sponsor someone, you can do that. Or you can just donate fqs to the cause!

      Probably 95% of my frames are thrifted. I like Savers’ frame prices. Goodwill has a good selection, but they tend to be a bit precious with their pricing!


  5. I like Do Over, but it’s kind of funny. I kept thinking Wow it so different with the blue 🤦🏻‍♀️ Well someone is getting a great quilt anyway.

    I’m not sure if I’ll get into the FQ Lotto this year. If I have time & remember I’ll certainly send some.

    Beautiful and wonderful repurposing on the frames. I’m sure your BF will enjoy your efforts in his new space.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I kept thinking the same thing and I STILL didn’t see the error until I was done. Oh well, it’s still a fun top!

      FQ lotto is here if you want to, but it is definitely optional. 🙂

      My #permanentboyfriend already loves his new room. The window treatment is up and unless something else pops up, I think my part in his project may actually be done!


  6. Dogs and cats and squirrels are just a hoot. We used to say “Do you want to get the squirrel?” several times and get Rusty (my dog growing up) excited and then open the back door and see him fly to try to catch him. So much fun for everyone! lol


    1. We have some really neat maps in the house. The hubs has been collecting them for years!

      I love everyone’s interpretation of my accidental design change! It’s still a great top, even though it wasn’t what I intended to make. 😉


  7. *squish-glomps you*

    I love your work….all of your work…especially the do overs.

    The maps are amazing! I’m so happy you got your PB’s space worked out. (PS: laughing to myself because PB is obvs #permanentboyfriend, but after all our talks about the importance of peanut butter…well…yeah)

    Gonna send stuff for FQL….just need to crash the stash for some pieces. 🙂 Also need to send some orphan blocks your way…as well as ….other things.

    *glomps you again*


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