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TTMT #305 – jewells68 – April 9, 2019 – I Love a Piano

In which I briefly (for once!) show the border I’m working on for my 2018 Swap Block Quilt as well as what I need to get done this week. Strip piecing is pretty fun, y’all!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #305 – jewells68 – April 9, 2019 – I Love a Piano

  1. Short and sweet!

    The piano keys are looking great. What an ideal way to use it up!

    Love the yellow for quilt binding. Also, GO ACCUQUILT GO!

    I’ve been using seam guide tape to extend my 1/4″ foot so it’s easier to see where I am when I’m using my walking foot. It’s a thick squishy tape that is kind of like mounting tape, but it has repositionable adhesive on one side. I’m trying to find it as a non-sewing product because it’s super expensive that way. If I ever find it, I’ll send you a link! I’ve also wondered if sticky back craft foam would work if it was cut into strips, but I haven’t tried it.


    1. Strip piecing the piano keys was really easy since they were precuts. There isn’t any of the fabric from the main part of the quilt top but I think that just helps balance the quilt out a bit.

      Already cut and sewed my strips last night and then stitched the binding down to the back of the quilt. It’s just 35×37 so it’s a quick one.

      I’ve actually considered just using repositionable double sided tape and just plain ol’ craft foam. I just haven’t picked up any craft foam yet. For now I have an HP magnet lined up behind my feed dogs along the tape line and the screw in seam guide. The quarter inch is actually to the left of the right feed dog, so I definitely need something firm that doesn’t cover the feed dog but basically makes a “fence” because it’s hard to keep the fabric straight on just one feed dog without a “fence” of some sort.

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  2. Piano keys are looking good! Good idea for the honey bun. I sometimes struggle to find a good use for precuts I bought early in my quilting days. I’m not sure why but the precuts always seemed so attractive as a new quilter. I usually avoid them now but I loved them early on.

    I used painters tape for the longest time. I have a decent 1/4 foot now but occasionally I’ll use it with my walking foot or if I’m doing a different size seam.

    The yellow will look nice with the top.

    Happy Crafting


    1. They were having a sidewalk sale and I was like, ooooh precut and on sale! And then they sat around forever, lol.

      I love the qtr inch feet with the fence for piecing, but that just isn’t an option with this machine. It’s the machine I started quilting on so I had used the painter’s tape previously. It’s a good fall-back plan.

      The yellow is looking fabulous as the binding. Almost done!


  3. I’ve never stripped and pieced at the same time, but maybe with the right music….lol

    I always love piano keys! Great use of honey buns.

    Even though I have 1/4″ feet for all of my machines, the one I use most also has green “frog tape” on it just in case. Whatever works is what I believe each of us should be doing.

    Good to see you.


    1. I have a qtr inch foot for both my singer 301A and my 3/4 size Kenmore, but they just don’t seem to have ever made them for left-homing super high shank machines like this one. This machine is a tank though, so I love sewing with it. It’s the machine I used to FMQ both my 2011 PoD and my daughter’s 2015 PoD. It’s got a larger throat than most modern basic sewing machines. Definitely better for quilting than the computerized machine I gave away.

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  4. A piano key border will be a fun way to edge your quilt (and to use up some fabric in a weird size! I have exactly one honey bun from back in the day and it just sits because…. what am I going to do with 40 1.5 inch strips? It just doesn’t go that far…).

    Yellow will make a fun binding.


  5. Thank you, my lovely, for the birthday wishes.

    Your work is always just stunning. I’m never not amazed by what you can do with a bit of fabric.



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