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TTMT #2 – Drooling Orange Cat, Anyone?

7 thoughts on “TTMT #2 – Drooling Orange Cat, Anyone?

  1. Thanks for introducing Otis. He looks like a snuggler. I had a drooler. When I got up in the middle of the night to rock a baby he would jump aboard and get to purring and drooling and I would have to put a towel or something over the baby so I wouldn’t fall asleep and wake up with her covered with slime! I miss those days and I miss that cat!

    That is exciting to have the wedding quilt almost finished! Star Trek is coming along. Redesigning a piece here and there is always okay. Your secrets are safe with us, but I suggest just not mentioning them to “others” and they’ll never notice.

    The books look great. We can read the titles fine. Of course, every bookshelf needs a cat…that’s not even a consideration in my “book”. THose are some of my favorite reads, also. I usually put blocks on my design wall (your area) for a few days at least before I commit to a layout I like.

    Isn’t this a fun group? You fit right in. Thanks so much for joining us.


  2. Kitties are always welcome. Otis looks like a sweetie! ♥

    The wedding quilt looks fabulous. I really like the label, too!

    Well, perhaps your DS9 has been under attack! It is Star Trek, roll with it! 😉 I am really glad you’ve enjoyed the patterns so far. It was definitely a fun row to design, made especially easy because DS9 is my favorite Star Trek show.

    I do love a good bookcase quilt! I love that you’re using favorite books.


  3. You got a lot done this past week, wow! Nice to meet Otis, he seems like a really snuggly kitty. What a sweetheart. I am interested to see you binding, I’ve never known anyone that machine stitched it to the back and then hand stitched it to the front. Did you find a tutorial online for that? I’d love to see some examples. It’s always interesting to learn different methods of doing things.

    Fun bookcase quilt. I’ve been percolating a similar idea authors/protagonists of my favorite genre.


  4. Why Hello There, Otis!

    My daughter wants a cat in the worst way. She is allergic to them. We may consider trying meds and fostering at some point. It would be a good trial run to see if the meds work. I have a golden retriever that adores cats.

    You got a lot done this week.
    Woohoo for almost done on that wedding quilt. I like the label. I have a love/hate rewrite making labels, but I appreciate nice ones.

    The Star Trek blocks are challenging. I definitely have mistakes in mine. I took a part one block I made a big mistake on but I otherwise left them as is. They do look good. I still haven’t started on my 6th row despite being done with the first 5 for several weeks. Lots of people aren’t finished or haven’t even started. You’ll get there

    I have considers a bookshelf quilt beside POD at some point too. I love seeing the embroidery titles.

    Happy Crafting


  5. I’m so glad you joined us.
    You got quite a lot done this week. I know you are excited about the wedding quilt, I have started the Star Trek quilt – I have 2 or 3 blocks done and will probably take it back up in early fall. I want to have it done for my hubby’s birthday, our anniversary (50th) or Christmas – all in December.
    I think I need a book shelf with my favorite books – but I don’t have a wall or bed big enough to hold them all. Plus, what will I do after it is completed with all the new favorites I read? I’d have to keep making book shelves.
    Hi Otto, you beautiful boy.


  6. Welcome to the group! It’s always great to see a new face 😀

    Looks like you’re working on some fun projects! Love the bookshelves especially. That’s a someday-eventually project for me too, with favourite titles. Someday, someday…

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  7. My Georgie boy is a drooler as well. Always gets me when I least expect it. Probably won’t see them (his brother, Fred and their older sister, Nuffy) on my vids because they are not generally allowed in my crafting area or bedroom because they are also jerks.:)

    Lovely work! I know how it feels to FINALLY finish something. I’ve got two quilt tops now finished that give me such RELIEF to have them off my list of to-dos!!! (along with everything else I have to do)

    The bookshelf blocks are lovely! Keep up the fantastic work!


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