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Jeanie TTMT #13 Scotch Guard not Starch!

191 Pictures

8 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #13 Scotch Guard not Starch!

  1. I love what you did with all those pictures! That is amazing!!!

    So sorry about your car but so happy you are okay. That is a traumatic event for you and the deer.


  2. Oh no! Sorry about your accident. I had a deer run into my drivers door and window as a teenager. It scared that crap out of me and did a lot of damage to the car. Glad you are ok and I hope the car gets fixed soon for you.

    How amazing to get that many photos I tothe quilt. I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled.

    Happy Crafting


  3. A deer can destroy a vehicle in a few seconds and kill the people inside! So glad you’re okay, but what a scary experience! Shock makes you lose your body temperature, and that’s scary, too.

    The memory quilt is AMAZING! You’ve gotta be so proud of that one, and she’s going to LOVE it. It’s always so exciting to use something you designed so the name in “your” font will be fun and meaningful.

    Your star quilt will survive whatever you need to do, so don’t worry about that. Hopefully, things will slow down for you soon. I’m glad you still got some quilting done (that’s so great for stress).


  4. I am glad you are ok but sorry the car isn’t. Car repairs suck because not only are they expensive, while they are working on it you don’t have a car!

    That memory quilt is just amazing. I’ve never seen one done as a bargello quilt before. Just stunning!


  5. So sorry about the car accident. Those are never fun. I love the memory quilt. VERY unique. I like that the pictures don’t overwhelm the quilt. Seems like they are more personal that way. Hope you continue to feel better.


  6. EEEEK! Scary accident is scary, but happy you are okay. Sorry you spent the rest of the day cold though. I do hate when real life gets in the way of sewing plans.

    Your memory quilt is gorgeous!!! As a genealogist, I wanna tuck up into that and hear a story about every photo. It’s just brilliant!


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