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TTMT #38 Impulsive Painting

Holy moly it look 5 attempts to get this uploaded!


10 thoughts on “TTMT #38 Impulsive Painting

  1. That apron is so adorable—both the fabric and the pattern. Love it, and definitely not mind the rambling. Thanks for showing pics of your space, looks great!


  2. Such a bittersweet story with the apron, but it’s very nice to have that tie back to your mother in law. It’s a cute apron for sure 😀

    The room turned out really nice.. what a great space for sewing/quilting in. (And exercising, I suppose. But that’d be bottom of my list of things I’d want to do in it if it were mine haha.)


  3. I don’t think anyone here cares what day we get to see you.

    Wow, that sounds like a great group project! Fun.

    Painting is something that usually has such great rewards! I’m glad the sun decided to show up for you. My “tennis elbow” (ha — from quilting) really limits how long I can paint. But I do as much as I can. We have painted the kitchen and living room, and the rest of the ways are ready to do (for the WHOLE house). The gray sounds like the fabric I call “elephant” — it’s doesn’t lean blue, or black, or brown, just elephanty. I have my LA along big windows, and it really seems to help. I haven’t had any lighting problems so far. I’m so excited about your “new” space. Sometimes rearranging and refreshing just once you decide what you don’t like is so energizing.

    What a touching apron story! I understand needing to do it justice, and am so happy you could find the pattern your MIL wanted. It is just precious! There are so many new apron patterns available these days and I’m often tempted to make a few really cute ones. I may get more motivated when the kitchen is finished being renovated and I have a good feel for it so I can “coordinate” with my kitchen. Yeah, I’m like that sometimes.

    Have a fabulous week.


  4. I’m so glad that apron came full circle for you. Those kinds of things are really nice to have to remember someone and the times you shared.

    I am seriously jealous of you have that large amount of space. My room is 8×12 with doors in weird places. It makes it really difficult to get the layout the most efficient it can be with existing furniture. What a great space!


  5. Your sewing room is so neat and beautiful! Nice to have such a big space.
    I’m so glad that you found THE pattern. What a wonderful remembrance of your MIL, and to make the third generation one with your daughter is so special.


  6. I think agreeable grey is the perfect name for that color. I like it. When I get a crazy idea I try not to drag my husband into it either. Especially if the idea isn’t fully formed in my mind. That’s a recipe for disaster lol.

    Your apron is adorable! I love the clothespin fabric.


    1. I’m liking the color more and more. Yeah I think my hubs is most grateful I don’t subject him to my impulsive projects but I’m sure he would help if I asked. He just does enough for us as it is. I don’t need to make he do my crazy.


  7. Ahhh, your sewing room looks amazing! I absolutely love the change. Your sewing nook in the giant space is so very sweet, too. It’s just perfect.

    Thank you for sharing the apron story. I saw your photo on IG, but the full story. Oof. I was super close to my mil, and I felt all the feels while you were sharing.


    1. I’m loving my space. It just feeling cleaning and brighter.

      Yes the apron was an emotional day.
      I’m so thrilled I was able to find the pattern with the help of a friend. I’m looking forward to making the second one with S.

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