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TTMT#93-UFO no mo’

9 thoughts on “TTMT#93-UFO no mo’

  1. THREE TOPS is amazing! I’m so happy for you (and quite impressed).
    Still love the spools. My POD is not finished (so envious). Love the french fabric for the TTMT swap quilt.
    The one on the wall is so great! Batik always makes things so bright and colorful, and the on-point design just makes it such a happy quilt. It wouldn’t be terrible to keep it, You could make another something she would love.
    When you first started talking about the Turbulence blocks, I thought, “problem solved–wedding quilt”. I know you really like that one, too, but it would be a great gift. It is beautifully outdoorsy.
    My goodness you got a lot done this week! Nothing like an HP marathon to get sewing done.
    I think you’re going to have another great, productive week this week, too.


  2. Wow on all the UFO finishes! I’m anxious to see the POD! That quilt on the wall is gorgeous! It would be so hard to give away. I have to say though, that if you give the turbulence block to them, rename it. I’m not sure a “turbulence” quilt would be the best thing for newlyweds. LOL!

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  3. Looking forward to seeing those tops as finished quilts, you got so much done!!

    I love the quilt on the wall, and I tink your plan to give them the turbulence one and keep the log cabins for yourself is a great one.


  4. Wow I love when I have a week like that! Just on fire 🔥

    The Batiks Turbulence quilt is going to be stunning! I think the one behind is gorgeous as well. You cannot really go wrong with either one for a wedding gift. You really do beautiful work.

    Enjoy your time off and hot streak! Whooooo🙌🏻

    Happy Crafting


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