TTMT Video

TTMT the one before the big trip

9 thoughts on “TTMT the one before the big trip

  1. Yay, thank you for stopping by even though you’re so busy!

    Poor sweet Hannah. Being sick is never easy when you’re a little one.

    Give all of your family hugs from me and wishes for a lovely holiday! If Orlando wasn’t a 17+ hour from where I live, I would so be coming to see you! 😉


  2. Poor Hannah. I’m so sorry she’s been sick and so glad she is better before the trip. Have a grand time at Disney and we’ll be looking forward to seeing all the pics!


  3. I know you will have a fabulous trip!!! I hope your family doesn’t get to the point that some families do, when one of them has to yell, “What’s wrong with you?!?!?! This is the happiest f*****ing place on earth!!!” I’m sure yours is not one of those families and it will all be wonderful.
    Sorry your little one had to come home sick. Better now than at Disneyland!
    Say hello to Tigger for me!


  4. Have a wonderful time at Disney. Last time we went Daniel was 10!!! 25 years ago!!! I look forward to seeing the goodies you get. So are taking such cool stuff yourself, it’s hard to believe they would have anything that good!! Have fun!


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