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TTMT #514 – DIY Done!

There’s a lot going on this month. Look for links to all the stuff I talk about below!

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TTMT 10th Anniversary Info!


13 thoughts on “TTMT #514 – DIY Done!

  1. Happy anniversary month!!!
    That baby Clover All Over is adorable!
    I’ve really taken to solids (or ones that at least read solid) lately, so I love that idea.
    I’m so happy you were able to make the door work!!!
    Wait…is that sheetrock? How’d you get it so smooth? I had to texture my new living room because I didn’t think I could get the seams to be that smooth! Just beautiful.
    Great table find. Love the Ikea pieces, the crown molding, the floors, So relieved you could also save the bookcase doors. Just love everything about everything!
    I will be purchasing the medical blocks (I have a daughter in medical school, but would even otherwise for Jaxon).
    The upcoming group projects sound really fun, as usual.
    Thanks for all you do for us, and have a wonderful week.


    1. Thank you for supporting Jaxon! I’ve had a couple of sales since posting…yay!

      It is absolutely sheetrock. We got it smooth with lots of spackle and a ton of sanding plus several layers of paint! And thank you! We’ve had a fun time turning the room into a study. It was sad to watch almost 17 years of Hogwarts painted over, but the room definitely needed an update!

      Doing all the things I do is absolutely my great pleasure. ♥

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  2. You house is looking wonderful..but I have to say..once I saw the Tardis door it was like I didn’t see anything after…LOVE IT!! Doctor Who is one of my ALL time favorites.
    I am very excited about building your own QAL!! Perfect timing for my shiny project! Not that I was planning on doing it as a QAL, but gives me something to think about.
    The doctor themed patterns are so cute. What a wonderfully nice thing to do.


    1. The irony is that my daughter ended up being way into Doctor Who than my son! He was super into it through the tenth doctor and then not so much. He’s stuck with the door, though, it’s decoupage and vinyl letters!!

      I am excited that you’re excited about the QAL! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and we had the perfect opportunity come up in the calendar. 🙂

      The medical patterns are a small thing I can do. Someone else suggested the theme and I immediately knew I wanted to share the sales with Jaxon.


  3. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH! And happy 10th birthday TTMT.
    WOW! What a fun April and beyond!!!
    The Baby Jaxon patterns are great and you are so sweet to do this.
    I love the quilt-your-own adventure QAL and the fat quarter lotto and the Star Wars Invitational, and the Rankin-Bass holiday QAL. So many fun things!!!
    I love the fat quarter lotto.
    But most of all I love the possibility of new TTMTers and hearing from TTMTers who have been awol for a while.
    Good job on the new office. Looking good!
    That is one jam-packed video.


    1. It was a little bit all over the place! It’s probably no surprise that it took me a while to edit it all together!

      I’m excited you’re excited! I’m hoping the rest of the quilty year is fun, fun, fun!

      We’ve had two new people sign up for TTMT. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some TTMTers from the past!


  4. Oh my so much goodness in one video. You know I love the clover all over and the room redo is fantastic, although I already miss hogwarts, lol.

    I think it’s going to be really fun to see all the different quilts that result from the Quilt Your Own Adventure QAL. That is going to be really fun. And Of course Rankin and Bass. I need to get started with the blocks I want to test. I will email myself at work to remind me to print patterns this week.

    I so hope some of our old TTMT friends stop by this month for a visit. That would be really awesome.


    1. I’m just about to start cutting out the next Clover All Over. It’s silly fun to work on!

      It was a bittersweet room redo. I don’t think I said anything about it in this video, but the beginning was pretty emotionally draining. It was a little too much like erasing part of Miss E’s childhood. Almost 17 years, though, that’s a darn good run. 🙂

      I’m hoping to see some of our former TTMTers, too. Fingers crossed!


  5. Happy Birthday Month & TTMT Anniversary!

    The Baby Clover All Over is so sweet. It really is a great versatile pattern for Linus.

    Yay for the DIY finish! It looks great and It will be fantastic work space for your BF.
    The table is pretty cool. I like the cleaness of the space. I work well in spaces slike that. Enjoy you finish

    Happy Crafting


  6. That is so great you did all the DIY stuff. Looks all nice and clean.
    It’s my birthday this month, too. April 21- San Jacinta Day – never had to go to school on my birthday. San Jacinta Day was celebrated because it was the battle when Texas beat Santa Anna’s army. It happened in the Houston area so we had it as a holiday.
    It’s a big one for me, too. 65!!!!! Just amazing.
    Looks like I’m going to have to try the Clover All Over quilt. It looks so great and all the sizes are a bonus.
    Have a good week.


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