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TTMT #304 – jewells68 – April 2, 2019 – I’m Mostly Talk

In which I talk about why I am not showing much. I do show you some pillowcases and a snippet of the 2018 swap blocks quilt. Having some issues with my 3/4 size Kenmore that I’ve been piecing with, so I am about to switch back to the full size convertible Kenmore for the time being, maybe for some paper-piecing and binding that Linus quilt I already finished quilting. See, more talk, blah blah blah. See you next week!

16 thoughts on “TTMT #304 – jewells68 – April 2, 2019 – I’m Mostly Talk

    1. Honestly I rate toothpain and headaches as just a bout the worst as far as being able to function in your day to day. I don’t get them often, but a headache that lasts that long just wears you out!

      I’m glad I went with the on point. Now I just need to figure out borders and finish that sucker!


  1. That headache of yours. Oi!!

    Oh, you tease! I really can’t wait for you to share the whole top for your 2018 TTMT quilt. 😉

    Well then, happy anniversary!

    Yay for new pillowcases! I always want to make some whenever anyone else makes them, but I definitely don’t need to!


    1. Ugh. I’m so glad I don’t get them very often. It’s my own fault. Ken and I were just alking about the fact that I hadn’t had a bad headache for months and then BOOM.

      It’s not on the wall because it won’t fit, lol. Not trying to be teasy, it just is too big for that space now.

      There is something just so satisfying about making pillowcases. It’s such a fast project that looks so good. She wants to get a new body pillow so I’ll have to figure those fabric measurements out.

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    1. Me too, headaches suck. You can’t think or read or sew.
      I can’t fit the top on the design wall anymore so I guess the next time y’all see it it will be completely finished and hanging outside from my carport.


  2. Your swap quilt is looking great! You’ll figure it out. Can’t wait. Keep ruminating.
    I’ve got a vague idea of using my scraps on the back, and know generally what I want to do, but it hasn’t gelled just yet.
    Happy Anniversary! That’s a LONG time! Congrats.
    I have not had a headache since August 12, 2012. The fact that I know exactly when my last one should tell you how bad that one was! I feel your pain (see what I did there?). I agree with Jeanie, headaches and toothaches are their own kind of pain. You can’t focus or do anything creative with a headache.
    You actually got a lot done this week. The pillowcases are sweet.
    Have a great (painless, old-married-lady, content) week!


    1. The swap quilt is too big for the design wall now so I guess y’all will see it next when it’s bound and labelled and hanging from my carport for photos.
      It is a VERY long time. I told someone today we met online before it was “cool”, lol. When it was just Prodigy bulletin boards. It was a Neil Young fan bulletin board in fact, lol.
      I did it to myself… the husband and I were just discussing how I hadn’t had a bad headache for ages and whomp there it was. Should know better than that.
      I will do my best to have a relatively painless week. 😉


      1. Yep, you brought that headache on yourself.
        I was thinking back when you said how many years, and I was on Prodigy then (back when they assigned you a user ID that could not be changed), and I was thinking that to meet online back then was probably a great match because you both had to be computer nerds and online when few people were.
        I got a good glimpse of the swap quilt and look forward to seeing it finished. So exciting.


  3. Ugh I haven’t had a bad headache in a long time. I used to get them so bad I would get nauseous from them. Tney really are debilitating. You can’t do anything but aren’t necessarily able to sleep through it like some other illnesses.

    Oooohhh I cannot wait to see the whole top. I so enjoy seeing everyone’s different take on them

    I need to do the assembly line next time with pillow cases. I don’t and then it feels too long for what is really a simple thing to do. I’m itchy to make some soon!

    Happy Crafting


    1. Careful what you say, that is exactly what I was saying to the husband a few days before this headache hit. “I have’t had a bad headache in ages, isn’t it awesome?” Then whomp on the head came the headache.
      It’s too big for my design wall so I guess y’all will see it when it’s completely done done done.
      When you have time cut the fabric so it’s ready. Then just line them up for pinning and sew sew sew. Seriously took just a little bit of time Sunday morning.

      Same to you!

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      1. Although I can always get more headaches, I did have sinus surgery and made a lot of lifestyle changes that contributed to them. I used to have headaches daily. Not usually debilitating but ridiculously frequency. 🤞🏻Here is to hoping they stay away!

        By the way Happy Anniversary! It’s always a little mind blowing to me that I have been married so long. Like when did that happen?


  4. I still love your swap blocks on point. Will be fun to see your finished project. Sorry about your headache. I’ve never had one that bad. I have recently had more than usual. I think pollen has be worse this year. Happy Anniversary. It is amazing how the years go by. Have a great week.


    1. I usually only get bad headaches when we are in monsoon season, something to do with the barometric pressure. This was out of nowhere and kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. It was my fault to mentioning a day or two before about how I hadn’t had a bad headache in such a long time. It was like I dared my head to prove me wrong!

      I love on point. I am going to another on point soon I think


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