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TTMT #1 – Hello Everyone!

20 thoughts on “TTMT #1 – Hello Everyone!

  1. Yay, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

    I love hearing how quilters get started. I love the wedding quilt, it’s lovely, and the quilting looks fabulous!

    Oh, orange kitty, I highly approve! 😉

    Enjoying the process is definitely the way to go. I’m WAY behind on the Star Trek Row Along since my repetitive stress flared up. We’ll get there!


    1. Thank you for the welcome! And yep, we will get there on Star Trek—low stress is definitely the way to go. Hopefully I will have one or more cats around next time to introduce. I was so nervous I didn’t even notice he was back there, lol.

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  2. WELCOME, Elizabeth! So nice to have you. You’re doing fine and you’ll feel more comfortable really quickly. I’m glad our 10th anniversary motivated you (said like I’ve been here the whole 10 years from start to finish without breaks).
    I prefer ramblers, and really relate to not finishing things. My 2019 goal is to finish UFOs, most of which are at least 10 years old. I can relate.
    Ohhhhhh…your wedding quilt is gorgeous! You’re a better friend than I am. I’m the kind of friend who would seriously instruct my friend to finish up that marriage and have another wedding so I could time the wedding quilt a little better.
    Your co-star is beautiful! Please introduce the kitty to us next time.
    I am embroidering titles on my Project of Doom bookcase quilt (it’s in the UFO closet from years ago). Yes, I did say UFO closet. Once you have more than 40, I think it ceases being a “stack” and needs it’s own closet.
    I am SOOOOO excited that you are row-alonging with Star Trek!!! That’s a really fun one that I am not able to start yet. I used to make 2 of everything, since I was child until about a year ago, and need to do start doing that again.
    Don’t assume that you are slow. We often just see finished blocks and really have no idea if it took the person an hour or 4 days. I’m sure you speed is fine, and it really doesn’t matter.
    I cannot (again) tell you how excited I am that you have joined us in the videos, and hope to see more of you with updates. As you can tell, you don’t have to have anything new to show us for us to want to hear all about it anyway. You are so beautiful and your passion for quilting is so obvious that you’re going to comfortable talking to us by next week!
    One more thing…I am willing to send everyone who posts a video in April a free copy of my newest quilt, os if you want one just let me know. My small part in making our anniversary month fun!


    1. Thank you so much for the welcome and warm comments—it means so much! I hope I will have one or more of my 3 cats around next time to introduce. I was so nervous that first time I didn’t even notice he was there!
      Good point about speed and how we feel slow but don’t really know. I’ll keep it in mind for sure!
      Thank you so much for the generous offer in celebration of TTMT. I absolutely would love to take you up on that!
      Thanks again and look forward to more mutual sharing.

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  3. I accidentally posted my reply before I had finished. Anyway, welcome to our little club. It looks like you are quite an accomplished quilter and I am looking forward to seeing more of your successes. Like you, I am a great starter who is trying to be a better finisher. My goal s to finish at least one quilt a month. I have a pretty substantial stack of UFOs. The problem is that I start a new one (or 2) for every one I finish. Sigh . . .


    1. Thank you so much for the comment and welcome! One quilt a month would be awesome—I will send you lots of completiony vibes. I love starting things. And I still always feel like I only start about 5% of the number of projects I would like to start.


  4. Welcome Elizabeth. Your quilt is loving. I am jealous of your Star Trek blocks. I have yet to start.
    Kitty is so cute. I have my grand kitties in my home now and it is a battle to keep them from eating my thread. I am hoping to post next week! I have been watching TTMT for years!


    1. Thank you for the welcome! I’m hoping to introduce one or more of the kitties we have next time. They can definitely be a challenge in the sewing room sometimes, but they’re so worth it.


  5. Welcome!
    It’s always great to add new people to TTMT.
    I have a 25 year old UFO that is a hand stitched Hot Mess! Some day I may get to it. Good Job getting to yours. I find it hard to be motivated to go back to a very old project that is a lot of problems.

    Star Trek Blocks look great! They are slow blocks to do & you are doing two at once. I wasn’t going do the QAL but I just had to once I saw it. The designs are fantastic.

    Welcome and hope you keeping posting!

    Happy Crafting


    1. Thank you so much for the welcome and comment! Glad people can understand such an old project and how hard they can be to finish. I have never tried hand piecing and just had one awful attempt at hand quilting. Its strange because I started out with hand projects like crochet and embroidery long before I ever sewed anything with a machine but now I really avoid hand work if I can for some reason.
      I agree c9mpletely about how great the Star Trek patterns have been—I’m blown away with each section basically by how great they come together and how terrific they look. I’m so excited I decided to start on it and not wait because then you never know if you’ll get to it.
      Anyway see you later this week! 😉


  6. Welcome! It’s good to meet you and your kitty. I consider myself slow at paper-piecing too. Paper-pieced patterns are really the only quilting I do that’s not basically haphazard. I love the precision of the paper-pieced blocks, but when it comes to traditional piecing, I tend to wing it most of the time, unless it’s a swap that requires something specific.

    I am always impressed with people making 2 identical quilts at the same time. That’s not something I’ve managed yet.


    1. Thank you for the welcome! I’m so touched by how welcoming everyone has been. I’m probably pretty pattern oriented in most quilting I do though in other sewing like tote bags and such I often wing it and I do like to make changes to fit my own taste, but I like a general scheme to follow.
      Anyway, thanks again and happy spring!


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