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TTMT for Charity!

Hello, TTMTers!

Watching our various videos this week, I couldn’t but notice that most if not all of us make quilts, hats, baby clothing, and a variety of other things to donate to various charities.

I’d like to make a list of links for each of our respective organizations so we can share here on the TTMT blog. I think it would be a great way to share what we do and it will give our viewers an easy way to connect to the charities we support.

If you’ll leave links in comments, I’ll figure out the best way to share them here on the blog. Thanks!

Thank you all for being awesome!


EDITED to add: page in progress here! Thank you for your responses. ♥

14 thoughts on “TTMT for Charity!

  1. I’m currently giving baby/child quilts to Quilts for Kids in Baton Rouge (through my quilt shop). I plan to make/donate 12 quilts this year. When I find some time, I want to also find a local group looking for wheelchair quilts or lap quilts for either nursing homes or cancer centers (I think our new big cancer hospital is where I will ask first).

    One of my other favorite charities is – making girls’ dresses from pillow cases. Maybe later this year I can find time to help them again.

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    1. Quilts for Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts to comfort children facing serious illness, injury, or trauma. Their national website is

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  2. I have been a Project Linus Blanketeer for nearly 10 years. Here’s our local Chapter: . Sadly, I learned this morning that our sweet Chapter Coordinator, Carol Driscoll, passed away on Monday.

    Recently I’ve been talking with a co-worker about the need for lap blankets and other types of blankets at nursing homes and adult day care centers that receive funding from the county and state. We hope to be able to use materials that are donated to Project Linus that are not allowed in our donated children’s blankets, such as fabrics with adult themes like liquor or day of the dead fabrics to make blankets for those seniors. This is still in the organization phases as we try to find a group that is already in existence before going to the work of creating new group.

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      1. Not sure who is taking over. She has left a big hole in our organization and our hearts. Just a really nice lady. She taught knitting and crochet to women in prison and they made blankets for Project Linus.

        If I can’t find an actual organization I will probably just give them to my coworker whose sister runs an adult daycare on a sliding scale and also another coworker who is on the board of Silver Horizons. They help seniors on small fixed incomes get food and pay utilities and stuff like that.


  3. So my charity quilts are all distributed through my guild. This year we are giving to Freedom house. It’s a place for Moms and their kids stay together while the Moms get back on track in life. They homes all over our area that are used. We try to make sure the kids all have a quilt as most of them have no or very little that belongs to them.
    I don’t have a link for it, but that’s our many focus for 2019


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