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TTMT – 3/27/19 – Late again

9 thoughts on “TTMT – 3/27/19 – Late again

  1. Yay for your new sewing machine! It looks like she was plowing through those bibs. I have to say, I made bibs for my kids when they were babies and they weren’t nearly that cute!

    I sold the Bernina I had years ago for parts and the lady ended up finding someone to fix it! She and I were both pleased by that!

    I love your charity quilt plans. Love, love!

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    1. The bibs are super easy; the hardest part is turning them inside out. LOVE this machine. Heavy metal case so it is super steady and quiet. And no fancy schmancy stuff that I don’t use anyway.


  2. Aha, I knew that music fabric I used on my swap quilt came form you, I just knew it! The bibs are so cute!!!

    I’m glad you like your new machine. You could donate the machine to goodwill or another charity and then the purchaser would just have to pay to get it fixed. You could even put it on Craig’s list and just say up front you think the motor is dead but the feet and accessories go for a lot of money so it would be worth it to someone to buy it just for everything that comes with it. If you didn’t feel right about selling it since it was given to you, you could always donate some or all of the money you receive to your favorite nonprofit.


  3. Yay for Trinkets! It’s a fast easy stash buster! And you can do them over and over again.

    The Bibs are super cute. I never had serious droolers. I can remember friends with kids whose shirts were soaked all day. Those will really come in handy.

    If the Bernie guy can’t take it let me know. I would consider buying it for parts. We have a small collect of that series of Berninas in the house and everything is pretty interchangeable.

    Hope you stayed warm during the last two days of Winter 2.0

    Happy Crafting & enjoy your new machine.


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