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TTMT #513 – Sweet Surprise!

Oof, this is a long video for me! I hope you enjoy all the turns it takes! ♥


15 thoughts on “TTMT #513 – Sweet Surprise!

  1. What special quilt! So wonderful to have all the clothes and the back- tents are just the most fun. What a great memory. I can see squeezing the quilt and feeling you kids in it! Thanks for sharing so much. It was fun to see the 3 Linus quilts too. They look wonderful.


  2. Great Linus quilts, as usual.

    That tophat is so fabulous! When you talk about him he always reminds me of my older daughter, who still wears costumes I made for her when she was young to class (she’s in grad school).

    I love that the birdies are twitterpated and joining in your video.

    Oh, Jennifer…Sweet Reflections is to beautiful and special! I absolutely love the back! We used to strip the beds and make tents when my kids were little and sit in them and have lunch. Your label is perfect! I am so very happy that you have this, and so pleased that you have a snuggle quilt. It makes me so happy that you are finally quilting for yourself! I have more of that on my own list this year, because for so many years I had nothing I had quilted even though I had been quilting for years. I’m also so pleased that Sarah will be able to snuggle and love your POD!

    Your smile all through this week’s video is so special, and I love how much you are loving life right now!

    Have a great week.


    1. Thank you! I do love finishing Linus quilts. Any quilt, if I’m honest! 😉

      Sweet Reflections is beyond special. Now that my kids are grown, it feels even more important to capture some of those fabric memories!

      The first thing Sarah did was roll herself in the PoD like a burrito. It was pretty adorable. ♥


  3. I don’t know which made me smile more this week – the Linus quilts, Sweet Reflections or picturing Sweet Sarah wrapping that quilt around her. I was all pretty darn special!!!


  4. The Linus quilts are all really lovely… the two on the left especially are beautiful.

    Oh how nice to see the finished Sweet Reflections… very lovely. Lots of great memories for you.


  5. That is so awesome that you are already through all your retreat tops. I still have a few I need to finish. Maybe I’ll send you a couple for TLC, lol.

    Sweet reflections is such a beautiful quilt! I love it, such great memories. And I love that you finally remembered what that backing fabric was from, that makes it even better! Also love the label.! What a great productive week!


    1. Oh no, you don’t, those are your tops for your Linus, lol! 😛

      I’ve been snuggling under Sweet Reflections the last couple of evenings and it is so scrunchy and lovely! The first night it was done, Big E and I sat and picked out what fabrics were what. It was really fantastic. ♥

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