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TTMT #303 – jewells68 – March 26, 2019 – Piece by Piece & a Gift

In which I catch you up on my week of piecing and cutting and an awesome gift from a coworker. Still plugging away on the the 2018 Block Swap Quilt but have made a lot of progress. Stay crafty, my friends!

18 thoughts on “TTMT #303 – jewells68 – March 26, 2019 – Piece by Piece & a Gift

  1. Yay, happy birthday to Christina! I’ve heard so much about her and I hope to meet her someday. 🙂

    WOOOOO for 2018 TTMT Swap Quilt! It’s looking SO good. I absolutely adore your setting triangles.

    I am almost positive I used Astrid Grey before. I think it was the background for Pop Star. Picture….

    “Usually some vodka, because DUH.” ♥

    The tiny music box is just lovely. Wow.


    1. I still haven’t sent her the Aces High wall hanging. I NEED to do that. I meant to send it months ago but I am me.

      I am really liking it. My sewing setup is really making it difficult to comfortably work on anything larger than a baby quilt or pillowcase, so I am brainstorming a few tweaks to make it more comfortable to work on larger projects.I feel like i’m constantly tripping over things or moving things off of my sewing table.

      The astrid is so calm and smooth. I just like how it goes with all different colors. I figured a solid would be good for a multitude of colors and prints.

      Lol. DUH.

      I love my little music box. It was such a thoughtful gift and it’s small so I can fit it in a small display space.


      1. Ha, I had totally forgotten about Aces High! My “giving things away” kick really started with you. I thought about your birthday quilt while I was editing my video. I wish I’d thought to mention it. ♥

        I realized today that I’ve had current sewing room arrangement for almost a year. It took me years to get here, but it is my favorite, easiest to navigate ever! I hope you figure out something similar for yourself. Tripping over stuff just is no fun.


        1. I like having the quilt frame in the middle because I can easily access both sides for attaching leaders and what have you, but I think I’m probably going to turn it back sideways and move the accuquilt out of the back corner. I really want to be able to have my ironing board up more. I’ll figure it out, hopefully sooner than later.


    1. I just could not bring myself to sew any more blocks, and I really love on point quilts, I’ve only ever made one before this one but I love how they look.

      My team takes care of me. I’ve worked with some of them over 10 years now.


  2. The 2018 swap looks great on point! I just love that. I also love that you are using 2017 fabric in it.

    You can always make backing work by adding any number of things to it.

    That music box is the cutest thing! Love the theme music. What a great friend to find that and think of you.

    Have a great week.


    1. I love on point quilts but somehow this is only my second one that I’ve made myself.

      He’s a good guy. He travels all over the world and always brings me something back. Before this trip it was coffee beans from Hawaii.

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  3. Love the log cabin layout.. it looks great! I might do something similar with mine, though I still haven’t decided.

    The little Harry Potter box is super cute. Love that song from the movie, too. Lovely.


    1. I couldn’t find a layout that wouldn’t involve making more squares until I decided to try the on point. I’ve only ever made one on point quilt before this but I don’t know why, I love how they look.

      It’s a fun souvenir, and is really pretty.


      1. I like how they look too, but somehow they often feel like they’re going to be too hard, though they’re really not. I guess figuring out the math for the corner and side triangles can be weird if you’ve got an unusual size block, but otherwise it’s not as complicated as it seems.


  4. Your swap quilt is beautiful. So cool that you are combining 2 swaps.
    I love the little music box, so detailed. I thought you were going into a meditative trance while playing the music. Hee hee. It would be tempting to just sit and play it for ages.


    1. I am really liking how it is turning out, and using up some fat quarters to finish it. I may piece the entire back from leftovers and more fat quarters.

      The music box was such a thoughtful gift. I love how tiny it is. I actually cut part of that out so that you just got one repetition of the music, lol.

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  5. The swap blocks look great on point. Nice touch to incorporate the swap from the previous year.
    I’m trying hard to get a few more things done before I start my 2010 Swap.

    Oh I laughed pretty hard at him going to the “homeland” despite being from Brooklyn. I guess if I go to Ireland I can call it the homeland. *snickering*

    That music box is a perfect gift. What a thoughtful thing for him to bring you. I would have cried for sure.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I love on point quilts, but have only done 1 before this one because of having to figure out everything. It might be easier if I would follow directions, but I tend to just look at a photo and wing it, lol.

      Yeah, we tease him a bit, but he’s a good guy, and he always brings me souvenirs of some sort. This one took the cake, though.


    1. Some of my coworkers are particularly thoughtful, he’s one of them, always bringing me something when he travels, and he travels quite a bit.

      I love the look of on point quilts yet this is only the second time I’ve made one. I’m glad I chose on point for this.


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