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Loving the Interior Sashing TTMT #12

Do you know the spell check says sashing is spelled wrong! Is there another way? Anyways…More about the Lone Star quilt and getting ready for the remodel.

7 thoughts on “Loving the Interior Sashing TTMT #12

  1. The Star looks fabulous! I like the sashing. I can’t imagine it won’t hide the little things tha are a bit off. It makes the colors pop out without drawing attention to every seam. Nice work!

    Oh the plans for your room sound wonderful.

    Happy Crafting


  2. Spellcheck doesn’t know “sash” can be a verb. It is a noun to those non-quilters. We know better, and you are spelling it correctly when using it as a verb.

    I spent some time on EQ8, and am always surprised at how much time you can lose without realizing it.

    I know what you mean about star quilts being more sensitive to getting a little bit off, and then it compounds and gets worse. It is SO AMAZING!!! I think it needs just background. I think the negative space between the points will make the star shine. See what I did there? You are right on target it retaining its beauty. I think you have nailed your method, and I think the one more row of interior sashing can be an opportunity to compensate for any imperfections.

    I’m with you on things on the wall…anything you hang will be less design wall! The cart sounds like the perfect solution. I have 2 big design walls (on opposite walls) and I’m just layering them with more and more each week. Never enough.

    I am just so excited about your star and your new room!

    Have a great week.


  3. Obviously the people at spellcheck don’t quilt. I guess they are too busy “correcting” our spelling to something completely wrong. I adore that quilt and the sashing really sets it off. I am sure it will also help “fudge” the little stitch inconsistencies, Wow! A whole wall for designing; sounds like heaven.


  4. That star is really amazing looking. It’s just fantastic. My design wall is smaller now that I have the quilting frame in my room. It would be amazing to have an entire wall as a design wall.


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