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TTMT#91-Gabby Abbie

6 thoughts on “TTMT#91-Gabby Abbie

  1. Congrats on the Board! That’ll be great for you and them! Meetings in the presence of that quilt should be inspiring.

    I organized my scraps by color. Not all at one time, but over a period of time. It REALLY makes a difference.

    I love that pillow. It’s beautiful.

    My GOODNESS, that’s a great fabric haul! Wonderful. You are going to make awesome things.And ALL those leaves for $4.00? Unbelievable!

    I love how happy your trip made you. Have a great week.


  2. Your Dear Jane quilt is already so impressive. I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be once you are finished. And to be able to have your meetings in the Stickle house will be so inspiring for your group. Congratulations on your appointment to the Board. They lucked out when they got you.
    Great fabric haul. Those fabrics are beautiful and how nice to get all those leaves!


  3. I love the pillow, I have done one that has the sort of overlapping opening on the back, I forget what that is called, but I like the idea of a zipper.

    I agree with you on the leaves. Why not save yourself time! ANd from buying a tool. And having to fuse the fabric. Sounds like a win win to me.

    That’s cool about getting to meet in that historical house. Your group can get inspired bu seeing the quilt more often.

    Wow, now that’s a fabric haul!!


  4. The historical society sounds like an amazing opportunity. I do hope you enjoy it!

    The cushion for your daughter looks beautiful! There really isn’t a right way to do the zipper and yours looks great! I used to do an envelope style cushion, but my kiddos mentioned their pillows would squish out the back, so zippers!

    Wow! What beautiful fabrics! I love the ombre, it’s lovely!


  5. Oh how exciting! The Historical Society opportunity is Great for you and your DJ group. I. Nat imagine how nice the life size photo will be to examine up close. Really neat.

    Cute pillow. I frequently end up making something for or repeated to which ever visiting child is home. The time is always short.

    Beautiful fabric finds! I would have spent a fortune on 4 bucks a yard for LQS quality fabric. You will definitely use all of those beautiful fabrics and what a deal. The leaves were a great deal too! I would be much more likely to use them over having to cut and fuse all of them for a project. I’m sure you will be ready for more fabric when next years sale comes around.

    Happy Crafting


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