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TTMT #87 I cut up 2 of my quilt tops

8 thoughts on “TTMT #87 I cut up 2 of my quilt tops

  1. For St. Patrick’s Day, a parade goes down my street. I stayed inside and tried to get some things done. It was MUCH louder than the Mardi Gras parade last week, so it was quite distracting.

    I think discovering a new ice cream place would be a wonderful surprise. I always took my kids for ice cream after doctors’ appointments, so I think it’s wonderful that you can do that, too.

    That’s a busy week.

    Making patterns COUNTS as sewing…so you got a lot done.

    When I heard you cut up quilt tops, I immediately thought, “Oh no you didn’t!” But now I approve. 5 baby quilts…well done! I don’t think you will let new 9-patches turn into UFOs. I think you’ll use them. I’m actually tempted to join you, but I already have 2 things I’m working on in between (my starter-ender projects). If you keep it up for a while and I need a new project, I may join you later.

    Great to see you. Have a great week.

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  2. I really dislike weeks like that. I guess part of it now is I like fat]r enough how most places are a minimum of 20 minutes away and most are longer. Any errand ends up taking half the darn day.

    The pattern cut outs can take a whole lot of time to make but are great once you are done. They should really go fast for making them,

    I like the 9 patches. I would love to do a year of some thing like that. I just can’t do it this year. It’s nice to see how much you got,out of them. Sometimes I have tops sitting around for a long time before their purpose becomes apparent. They look good and will be loved.

    I agree some time even a little is worth doing. I rarely miss a day of Crafting even for just a short time. The two things I try to do every day are work out and sew/craft. Both are good for my stress relief.

    Happy Crafting!

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  3. I think turning those two twin quilts into 5 baby quilts is great. I have cut quilts down that were donated or wonky and then turned them into new ones. It’s a good feeling.

    Waiting in the hospital or treatment center is never as comfortable as waiting at home.

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  4. Brilliant use of the larger quilts! I really like the new baby quilts made from them. You and Sarah have me thinking seriously about doing the leader/ender thing.

    You got an awful lot done for such a busy week. Yay for not having to do too much waiting for doctors/procedures and double yay for being able to wait at home for one of the appts. I must say you make brilliant use of your wait time!

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  5. Dairy-free ice cream sounds lovely! My daughter is lactose intolerant, so I’m always on the lookout for good options. 🙂

    I love that you’re making preemie shirts. My blanket charity partners with several other local charities that make layettes and such and it always amazes me how SMALL the preemie clothing is.

    That is a fantastic use of unfinished quilt tops. I do love a nine patch quilt. Yay for being ahead!


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