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TTMT #512 – Clover All Over

Y’all, this quilt. I loved working on it SO MUCH. Thank you again to everyone who participated in the jelly roll swap! ♥


15 thoughts on “TTMT #512 – Clover All Over

  1. I’ve always loved the Baptist fans. I have to tell you, I LOVE your quilt, and I am quite attached to it, also. I am totally loving mine, and when I go to sew it’s the one I keep wanting to do first. It’s just so special to me. “Snuggling under all the love from your TTMT friends” is exactly what I think of when I think of my quilt!

    Cat cameos always make me smile.

    BTW, I will send a copy of my jelly roll hearts pattern (All Our Hearts) to anyone who wants one and posts a TTMT video in April. I’m so hoping to see so many old friends for our virtual anniversary party.

    Have a great week.


    1. I love Baptist Fans, too! I have an antique quilt that was hand quilted and I love the way the fans are connected. I had my first Paper Piecing Vintage professionally quilted with the same design, but I didn’t like how the fans weren’t connected. You can probably guess I’ve been wanting to try it for a while!!

      I love that you will share your hearts pattern. It is so very sweet! ♥

      I’ve had some requests to join TTMT from some “new to us” people who I know on other platforms. So exciting!


      1. People have very different ideas about how Baptist Fans should look. You can really change their look by manipulating them. Can’t wait to see yours.
        Can’t wait to meet your new peoples.

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  2. Oh I love Clover All Over soooo much! I can understand why you got it done so fast. I know when I start mine I won’t want to do anything else until I’m done. It’s really lovely.

    Nice kitty windows you have there 😺

    I’m looking forward to the 10 yr Anniversary. I remember watching some of the early videos. I was just finishing up my 5in HP Attic Window quilt for my middle kid. He was having the first of his 3 femur/hip surgeries that’s summer. I wanted to be finished for his hospital stays. It’s funny looking back, I thought you all had been around forever. I was so new to finding quilting stuff online, I didn’t know y’all were new too! Obviously. Pretty happy to,have stumble upon you guys.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Piecing has been MUCH easier on my RSI thank paper piecing, which is both depressing and a bit freeing, because it left me no excuse to not work on my TTMT quilt. I did sleep under it last night and it was AWESOME. ♥

      I opened the windows to let the breeze in and magically attracted cats!

      TTMT happened really fast when we first started, so I’m not surprised you thought we’d been doing it forever. I have tried to figure out how many people we’ve had in and out over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever been even close to accurate! I am very glad you found us, too!


  3. Clover all over is simply fantastic. Just great. I love that you were able to use every single strip, which was kind of the point, right? It makes me all kinds of happy and I want to finish mine but am not going to touch it quite yet. Must finish last year’s first. I don’t want to start accumulating blocks again. Need tops so I can quilt them!


    1. I usually don’t like making the same thing more than once or twice, but I am SO excited to get to make more of the Clover blocks. This is the most zen sewing I’ve had for a while. I’ve even been pondering all my random 2 1/2″ strips and I expect I’ll be piecing again before long!

      Can’t wait to see your 2018 quilt all done! ♥


  4. I love that pattern. And I love your quilt, front, back and quilting! Perfect! I need to make a quilt for my last two nephews and this may be just the thing for at least one of them. These two don’t care about Harry Potter so finding something for them is a bit more daunting for me. And neither has a female in the household so it needs to be decidedly masculine, which is also a bit of a problem. It will be nice to get all of my nephews’ and nieces’ quilts done.
    Kitties!!! So cute on the window sills.


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