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TTMT #36 Sew A Long, Row A long

12 thoughts on “TTMT #36 Sew A Long, Row A long

  1. I just love your Star Trek Rows. So many things to look at.

    Your trinket blocks are nice and colorful. Sometimes it’s easier and more fun to skip the planning and see what happens in the end.


  2. Star Trek’s coming along beautifully!

    Those trinket blocks just get cuter and cuter. I enjoy not having a plan, and if you need to make an extra few blocks at the end it’ll be fine.

    Your “Out damned bump” quilt is adorable!

    I love those shoes on the mystery quilt, and the back is great. I love when you can get together and see everyone’s different take on the (not) same thing.

    Have a great week.


    1. The trinkets are so easy if I need to make extra it’s no big deal. It’s hands down the easiest paper Piecing I have ever done.

      I am loving the Star Trek Row Along so much.

      I was glad I found the bump on a quilt like this rather than a custom quilt for someone.

      Have a great week.

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  3. I love the Star Trek quilt it’s going to look awesome.

    Your blocks are cute to and sometimes over planning can take some of the simple joy of paper piecing away, they look great.

    Both of your finished quilts are amazing, your very talented. I have many quilt tops that I need to get done but the actual quilt part is my least favourite and long arm quilting over here is very expensive.

    Have a good week xx


  4. I love that sneaker quilt so much, it’s fantastic! I think not planning the trinkets too much will work out just fine. They always seem to in the end. I am horrible about overthinking, to which Kennifer O can certainly attest, I can think myself into paralysis. So winging it is often how I end up going to keep from stressing about what’s supposed to be fun.

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  5. Oh that Star Trek quilt is absolute perfection! I had 3 blocks done of the first row, put it aside when I started reorganizing my sewing room and now I can’t find them. This is a project I really want to do and finish for Tim for Christmas, but it will be a couple of months (at least) before I get back to it.

    Love the whimsical sneakers quilt. Adorbs! As is your bump quilt. You never cease to amaze me!


  6. I’m not planning my trinket too much either… my big plan is to not repeat my prints and to do 6 blocks in each solid (more or less, I have 21 solids and am making 120 blocks). I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do it as a rainbow or if i’ll just mix everything around…. so yeah. I guess we’ll both have some figuring out to do at the end, haha.

    I love that sneakers quilt, it turned out really cute! And that quilting pattern is just so perfect. What size is it in the end?

    I don’t go to the modern quilt guild here, but I do follow them on IG and I’m always surprised how many fairly traditional quilts/fabrics/patterns still get made by members. I can’t quite decide if it’s that people don’t realize they aren’t really working in the modern realm or if they don’t care and just want to share their work with other quilters. I’m not sure I’m all that modern myself so I don’t know 😀


    1. I’m not sure how many Trinkets I’ll do. I have around a 100 printed. So we’ll see. I am holding a few back as filler blocks at the end to maybe get better colors scheme. I have no idea what kind is going to look like yet. So kind my own mystery quilt 😂

      I think the mystery quilt ended up being
      52” by 60” A nice lap size quilt. I’m sure I’ll donate it at some point. I really have no need for it, but it’s cute so I haven’t part4d ways yet. 😁

      It’s an interesting thing at the Modern guild. I see a lot of variety in what people define as modern. My guild is not too hung up on the definition.


      1. I get the feeling its the actual modern quilt guild parent organization that is most hung up on the definition. Like, at the actual guilds nobody really gets too bothered about it, but try to submit your quilts to Quiltcon and they’ve got some pretty strong guidelines.


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