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TTMT#90-Whirlwind slo-mo

Wow! The week’s almost over and this morning I feel like it’s the first moment I’ve had to breathe. Both kids are home from college for Spring Break…love them to death…but can’t wait for a quiet moment.(I know I’ll miss them next week.)

Last Saturday I arranged for a “quilt cupboard” workshop for our guild. Last year we had a small local group that went to Puerto Rico to help rebuild and we sent a couple of quilts along with one of the husband’s that was going. This year we’re sending more quilts and two of our guild members are going to help with the reconstruction. One member has family in Puerto Rico and it’s been a real struggle.

In the past our quilt cupboard workshops have been rather thin. Last week I’m so happy to report that we had 15 ladies come and it was a real beehive of production!

The rest of my week has been filled with work, meetings(some cancelled due to weather previously), and kids. Very little sewing.

I’m going to attach a couple of pictures. One is the top that got made with the blocks I had on the wall a couple of weeks ago, the other are some of the tops going to Puerto Rico, oh, and the purple/greeen one finally got put together too.

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “TTMT#90-Whirlwind slo-mo

  1. Hope you enjoyed your noisy week. We had spring break last week as well. I love him to death. I love spending time with him and catching up…But, he is brings an absent minded professor mess with him. It’s like of trail of his stuff around the house. Makes me slightly crazy by the end of his visit. He isn’t here long enough to get on him but I will over the summer if he is here.

    Lovely that you had a nice turn out. The tops are all great and will be so loved.

    Happy Crafting


  2. The Puerto Rico quilts are wonderful. I know they will be very appreciated and well-loved. I also love your two quilt top finishes.

    Your week does sound like a whirlwind – but a very productive one.


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