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Ttmt#35 Trinket & Ships

10 thoughts on “Ttmt#35 Trinket & Ships

  1. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!!! I enjoyed my years as a troop leader!!! Your wall is bursting with blocks that look amazing. You need to share some quilting mojo with me. I need to get more quilting done in my life! Excited to see the mystery quilt!!! Have a good week!


  2. You got a lot done for someone that didn’t have a lot of time. I love the precision of pp blocks, even on something as simple as those Alison Glass blocks.

    Happy Birthday to Girl Scouts… I was a scout for 8 years, believe it or not. I only left when my leader left (in 7th grade). The first year I sold cookies they were 50 cents per box… when I left in middle school they were $1.50 per box. How times have changed, lol.


    1. I think the less time I have the more I feel like I am not getting anything done. My time has been sucked up by less pleasant things as of late and I’m drained by the time I get to craft. It feels like little is getting done even though I did get a decent amount done.

      I was a scout as well. I was not in it as long as my daughter has been because our troop fell apart. I do remember loving it and she really loves it. Those cookies are now 4 to 5 bucks a pop. Makes them easier to not over eat at that price.


  3. I love, love, love your Star Trek blocks! I’m just waiting for my elbow to settle down so I can get back to mine. It’s SO CLOSE to being there, but I’m afraid to aggravate, so wait it is.

    I hope you get more chance to fmq practice. It is my happy place. 🙂

    Trinket is all over my IG feed. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much!


    1. I love the Star Trek RAL. Some of it has been pretty challenging but worth it. I’m glad jumped it. I think it will like be a belated 50th Birthday gift for my brother.

      The trinket SAL is a perfect mindless fast blocks. I’m not spending an item really planning just winging it. Hopefully my blocks won’t be to obnoxious together.


  4. You Star Trek rows look amazing. I love everything against the black background.

    I love the mystery quilt already simply because of the green binding lol.

    I’ve been enjoying watching everyone make their trinket sal blocks. It looks like fun!


  5. Love seeing your Star Trek blocks behind you! I didn’t ever watch the show all that much when I was young, but these quilts everyone is making all look so good.

    I have loved watching your Trinket blocks on IG… so fun to see what fabrics everyone else uses 😀 And they really are the simplest, aren’t they?


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