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TTMT hair bows and waffle

10 thoughts on “TTMT hair bows and waffle

  1. The velcro on the hat seems like a good alternative to the ears. And those will be fun.

    I love the billfold. Y’all impress me with your bag making skills. I have the desire but not the patience to wade though the pattern.

    I’m glad the hand turned out not to be broken, although I don’t think that would have to cancel your trip. It wouldn’t be ideal but it’s doable.


  2. Ouch! Glad you’re ok. Wait…some people actually get “fake” casts put on their arms because you and your whole family get to go to the front of the lines at Disney. Does your other half really think you were staying home if you got hurt?
    The bows are awesome! Just when I think you’re ready for your trip I wonder how I missed all that I was missing that you still needed.
    The thread bobbins are wonderful! Much better than buying them.
    Love the purse.
    I always smile when you say, “That’s all I’ve got.”– and then you show us several more amazing things.
    I have a house in Minnesota with snow almost to the top of my garage door, and here in Louisiana, the neighbors are sunbathing in bikinis. Weather is just crazier and crazier.
    Have a wonderful week.


  3. So happy for your Disney trip. It’s so exciting! You and Hannah are going to look so great in everything you’ve made so far. You totally need a Etsy store and sell this! Hope your hand feels better. I’ve twisted my back by falling down stairs.


  4. Oh goodness I’m glad to hear it’s not broken. I think you would have been flying with the cast anyway.

    I really love all the prep you are doing for the trip. Besides having fun stuff to use and wear while you are enjoying your holiday, it’s fun way to get excited and ready for it. The hat was a great way to incorporate all different characters. Hannah is gonna look absolutely adorable.

    Happy Crafting!


  5. Ack, I’m sorry about your hand! That’s just the kind of thing I would do.

    I love the velcro hair bows, all the Princesses, and the Nightmare Before Christmas wallet. Your family is going to be a walking Disney advert!

    Gareth is the most appropriate name for a storm ever. I should know, that’s what I named my son and he is a whirling dervish!


    1. I had totally forgot your son was Called Gareth, sorry . It’s just makes me laugh because previously we had storm Doris and it all seemed a little British xx

      This trip is going to be all Disney all the time which means we can also do Universal and NASA next trip and fit it all in xx


  6. I’m glad your hand is okay. Definitely not a trip cancelling injury (for me). Disney is too exciting!

    The Velcro bows are adorable and brilliant!! I’ve made the ear headbands for my son’s friend but I like the idea of a hat. A hat would stay on the head better too. I wonder if you could just pin the ears on? Maybe using a badge pin? It has a long flat spot to glue or stitch something.


  7. You are SOOO creative! I could never come up with those bows and broaches. Using the bows on the hat is so clever. She can protect her face and still have the Disney goodness. You are going to be the hit of the Disney parks! Sorry you have problems with your hand. Hope it is continuing to heal quickly.


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