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  1. I love Kelli Fannin’s designs, and that quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t believe you are finished with it and I can’t believe how beautiful it is! I think the invisable thread in a wood grain would be perfect, and there’s no reason why it won’t work with FMQ just fine. I hope it always reminds you of this wonderful group.

    I also love how your log cabins spiral. I really like all the creative ways people can make log cabins look like something else. The flower meanders look great. That is such a beautiful one! I’m not a big meander fan, but it has its place and looks great next to the flower meander. 2 TTMT quilts!!!

    You and your mom will be in my thoughts…all the best!
    Happy Mardi Gras.


  2. Rainey! What a wonderful use of the strips! I LOVE that quilt. Didn’t know Aurifl had an invisible thread, I’ll have to look for it.

    I’m glad your mother came through her surgery alright. Was just wondering the other day how all of you were doing.


  3. Glad your mum is doing ok, it’s can be very stressful when someone you love is so I’ll.

    I adore your quilt it is amazing. Your quilting looks great on the other quilt to, I hate free motion as I can’t cobtrol it with my machine. I am thinking I need to always do quilt as you go then projects get finished instead of sitting in my ufo pile.

    The out takes were so funny too xx


  4. First of all, I am so happy to hear that your mom is doing okay. That is wonderful news.

    Also, oh my goodness! I love the patter you chose for your jelly roll swap quilt! It is absolutely perfect, and is a brilliant way to represent our group of wonderful crafty friends!

    Yay for finishing your 2018 quilt! I think your flower quilting looks great. I love that particular fmq pattern and I’m going to try it again on another quilt! All that and bias binding? You have been rocking and rolling!


  5. Happy to hear your mom is doing well. It was good that they could take care of the other arteries too. That way she hopefully won’t have to have another surgery any time soon.

    I was enjoying your new quilt and thinking how nice It looked and then you planned up and I saw the heart. Wow! That is beautiful.


  6. 1st – so glad that your mom made it through her procedures! I will be happy when we are on the recovery side of Jaxon’s procedure! It is beyond stressful!

    The colored pencils had me – then the heart blew me away! I have always had a love for heart shapes and now being a grandma to a heart warrior – I HAVE to add that pattern to my list


  7. I am glad to know your mom’s surgery went well and she is recovering. My dad had a triple bypass as well back in the mid 90s and it basically took care of his heart problem.

    Oh I really love the spiral idea with the swap from last year. I don’t think I tried that. That’s why mine isn’t done yet, I didn’t want to make a bunch more blocks and didn’t like any of the layouts I had tried yet so I put it in a timeout.

    I love the pencils!! I like the idea of the woodgrain quilting, although I wouldn’t sweat it if you have to straight line quilt it instead. Colored pencils are usually slick and solid colored on the outside anyway.

    So good to see and hear you again!


  8. So good to hear your mom is mending well. My dad had a quad bi-pass in 2000. He had a valve replacement & pacemaker last summer. The surgeons said the bi-pass was looking tip top shape. I know how terrifying it is at the time but these surgeries are really quite amazing.

    I stress sew all the time. It’s helps me feel less of the stress and anxiety. I tend to get amazing amounts of crafts down when I’m stressed out.

    I absolutely love your Jelly Roll Swap Quilt. It’s gorgeous! It’s so fun to see the different ideas.

    I’m towards the middle of row 4 on the Star Trek QAL. Row 2 is hands down the hardest. Row 3 & 4 are so nice and easy. Hang tight it is hardest one.

    Happy Crafting and again so great that your mom is getting well.


  9. I’m glad to hear your mom has been doing so well. It’s such a scary thing having someone you love in such a difficult place. I hope everything is still moving along as hoped!

    Your pencil quilt looks amazing… what a great idea for using your jelly roll strips. Ohh…. your other TTMT quilt looks amazing too… love how you put it together! And the quilting is awesome.


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