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Ten Years is approximately 530 Tuesdays!

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Hello, Talk to Me Tuesday Friends!

If you watched my video today, you know that I am very excited to announce that April 2019 will be TTMT’s 10th anniversary!

If you’re already here, you know probably know that Talk to Me Tuesday is a group of crafty friends who share show & tell videos of what we’re working on each week on right here on

To celebrate Ten Years of Crafty Friendship, I’m inviting ALL past, present, and (potential!) future TTMTers to post a video during April.

If you’d like to join us on, email me at

Past Talk to Me Tuesday-ers, I’ll add you without question.

If you’re new and would like to join us in our video making, please email a link to your YouTube account and I’d be happy to add you.

If you’d like to post just one video, but don’t want to join the WordPress site, you’re welcome to make a crafty show & tell video and email your video link to the same address and I will post it in April.


Everyone who posts a video will be entered in a drawing to the above prize from yours truly as well as a special gift from Rainey!

I hope to hear from you soon! Can’t wait to celebrate OUR anniversary!

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8 thoughts on “Ten Years is approximately 530 Tuesdays!

  1. So we’ve only missed you on 6 Tuesdays in 10 years!!??!! Wow. I think the relationships in this group have lasted longer than the average marriage these days!

    My first video was on May 4, 2010, but I think I had known you for a while before that. I’ve only posted 67 videos (but I was underground for almost 6 1/2 years). I did continue to watch, so I only missed the interaction but was able to keep up with everyone and get to know the new people as they came onboard. I also don’t think anyone is counting the “extra” videos through the years of challenges (15(?) minutes of something, etc.) and maybe some quilt shows and vacations and special events, oh and the “How I met Harry Potter: ones.

    Boy am I looking forward to April’s videos. I challenge people to take a minute in an April video to tell us what has changed in the last 10 years and what they would like to change in the next 10. It’ll be like a month-long anniversary party!

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  2. I love that you have invited past and present participants in TTMT to say hi. There are a few folks who kind of disappeared that I miss and would love to know what they are up to nowadays.
    Sounds like a fun month!


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