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6 thoughts on “TTMT Skirts Galore

  1. I feel the same way about my serger. It is useful and I do use it, but it does just “go”. No turning back, no ripping out and starting over, it just “goes”.
    You crack me up! “I don’t have legs” is funny to you, but “I don’t have ankles” is fine!!
    I really like your skirts, and wonder why I don’t wear more comfortable skirts.
    Rather than a fail on the blue top, why not wear it with some pants instead? I’m glad you like the one with the roses. It’s very nice. I hate to see you give up on projects, but I understand that you need to feel comfortable in them. Your t-shirts are wonderful as usual.
    The x-stitch bag is so nice! I think you’re going to really enjoy that. The Haunted Mansion project looks very fun.
    I love your daughter’s backpack! She’ll probably get tons of use out of that. I would leave the really long extension on it, loop and sew a handle on the end, and use it for a leash. But that’s just me. Ha!
    It’s been mostly warm here all winter (had to mow the grass all winter), but today it’s 33F. No mowing today.
    Your husband is lucky to have you, and putting that ring on your finger means his trip will be fabulous from your planning.
    Happy Mardi Gras!


    1. Dang it! I hit “post” too soon. So here’s what I was going to say. Those skirts are great. As are all of your shirts and those bags you made. I’ll bet you will be stopped by people asking where you got that shirt, or skirt, or bag.

      I totally understand about the serger and making clothing. The last clothing I made was my dress for Patrick and Vanessa’s wedding and I vowed never to make clothes again!

      Right now it’s about 45 degrees and sunny! I love sunny!!!


  2. Woo, so many skirts! I also don’t wear shorts (I may have mentioned that). It’s all jeans for me with the occasional capri pants. You’ve seen pretty much what I dress like all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m so excited for you and your trips, I know you and your family are going to have a fantastic time!


  3. You really made a lot of skirts, go you! I call my legs stubs so I totally get it. When skinny jeans got popular someone asked me why I never wore them and I told them it was because they make me look like a hard boiled egg stuck onto a couple of toothpicks, lol. But last year I learned my favorite thing was flowy linen pants. I found a pair of them at the thrift store and I want ALL the linen pants now. Elastic & drawstring waist, wider legs (but not really wide like flares), and cooler than knit or regular cotton. I am currently on a quest for more, otherwise I’m going to have to make them and aaaaaaaaah, I don’t want to make them, lol.

    I love all your tees, and I think that flowery top is lovely. Another thing I do in summer is get an oversized man’s short sleeved button down the front cotton shirt and wear it open over a tee or tank top to cover my arms and shoulders but stay cooler. They are long and make good “light wraps” and my arms are so short they usually come to at least my elbows, lol.


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