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TTMT #510 – Oops, I Finished My Quilt Top!

JELLY ROLL SWAPPERS  – We’re not done yet! Be sure to share what you’re doing (or have done!) with your jelly roll!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #510 – Oops, I Finished My Quilt Top!

  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE you finished that! I do understand, however, getting into something and it just keeps going, so I know how this happened. I’m still trying to decide what I’m doing with mine. I just LOVE your pattern! And the in-between project has demanded your attention…means it’s special to you. I feel like it’s “our” quilt, and the first top to be finished. So I am happy!
    I saw the Dallas show advertised and really wanted to go. I’m so happy you are able to go and look forward to a full report. I will make the next Houston one, though.
    Hi back at you, my friend! It’s so nice to be back home.
    I’m looking forward to the April anniversary celebration!
    Happy Mardi Gras.

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    1. I can’t believe it either! I had more sewing time than usual over the weekend because the hubby has had a lot of homework for his online class. That is almost all I did all weekend, with wrist and elbow compression in place! That’s really helped to keep my RSI from flaring up. And you’re absolutely right, it’s so very special to me. I felt the same way about last year’s TTMT block swap. I can see everyone’s personalities in the fabrics!

      Have a great rest of your week! Maybe next year we can say hello in Dallas. 😀

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  2. OMG! That quilt looks wonderful! If 4 blocks will make a small quilt that would be great to make for Linus Connection. I forgot your bday was in April. Mine is too, the 21st. Can’t believe I’m going to be 65 this year! Yikes.
    I’ve narrowed my jelly roll quilt ideas to a couple. Then I’ll be working on it.
    Have fun!


  3. Holy cow!!! You didn’t let any grass grow under your feet! The quilt is cool! A great use of all the strips! I may need to use that design in the future!

    Happy 10yrs of TTMT! That’s a a great accomplishment. And look at how many lives you have touched!

    I am glad to be a part of such a great group! Thank you!!!


    1. You’re not kidding! Once I started playing with the design, I just couldn’t stop! It’s probably my fastest big finish ever.

      I still can’t believe next month will be 10 years. My kids were still KIDS when I started this craziness.

      I have been gifted so much more than I have given and I would not change a thing! I love the TTMT community and everything it has brought to my life. ♥


  4. Ten years, holy cow, that’s longer than some marriages. 🙂 I’m so very glad to have found you all….TTMT is the only good thing from my Live Journal years. Everyone here is an inspiration, especially you, and it’s given me a lot of hope and happiness to just watch the videos when I haven’t been able do much more than that. Here’s to ten more years! I’ll try hard to at least make a “hello” video in April.


    1. I know, can you believe it’s been a decade?! TTMT brings constant joy to my life and it helps to keep me grounded and, often, on track. I love being able to set everything aside once a week to say hello to my friends. I really do hope you can say hello next month! ♥


  5. Wow you were on a mission this week. I love the design it really shows the fabrics.

    I think they look like hearts in bunches , so maybe jelly hearts , they do remind me of haribo jelly sweets with all the colours.



  6. You quilt top looks amazing! I love that you were able to use all the strips. That is something I really want to do and I think that is what made it so hard to decide on a pattern, because ones that are designed for a jelly roll take 40 strips. I thought about picking some out for binding but didn’t want to have to choose. How about “The Knotty Stripper” for a name? 😉

    Yay for our 10th Anniversary!!! I hope we get to see many of our past TTMTers.


    1. I briefly thought about pulling all of one color for binding, but NO. The back is partially pieced, but my elbow if flaring up (too much DIY!) so I’m taking a small break from rotary cutting for now.

      I’m seeing clovers and hearts, so I’ve trying to do something with that for a name. I need to do some research and see what names have already been used. That always helps to narrow it down!


  7. I love that quilt and would love to see a tutorial on it. I am not at all surprised that you finished it the first week. Excellent use of ALL the jelly rolls. I also understand taking a break from all the cutting. I cut all my strips and then I could just sew while my arm calmed down a bit.

    Thank you for choosing jelly roll strips for this swap. I think it is probably the most versatile of the precuts.

    “Love in the Clover” – sounds kind of riske, doesn’t it. Well is coming from a bawdy old broad!


    1. A tutorial is definitely happening, next week if I can swing it! I took lots of pictures during the process, so I just need to write up the instructions. I’ve already had a couple of our Linus ladies ask for a demonstration at an upcoming meeting, so I should definitely get on it!

      The jelly roll idea came up after our swap last year. I loved getting blocks from everyone, but I think my favorite part was seeing everyone’s fabric choices. This was the best of both worlds! Fabric from friends and we get to make whatever we want!

      I see clovers, too! I was thinking Friendship Clovers or Colorful Clovers or something like that. 🙂


  8. I thought maybe I’d cmmented on this because i’m sure I watched it at some point, but apparently I haven’t… anyway, this block/quilt layout looks really wonderful. It’s a great looking pattern.


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