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TTMT #39 Project Report

10 thoughts on “TTMT #39 Project Report

  1. Your temperature socks and afghan are really coming along. What a commitment!
    The Whomping Willow, Harry’s Glasses, and Ron look great. I’ve been downloading those patterns but have not started it. The blocks look really fun. You did a great job.
    So glad you enjoyed your trip. It’s been nice and warm here MOST of winter (a couple of cold nights), and I didn’t go outside until this afternoon and discovered it’s COLD!!! 33! I just can’t get warm.
    Happy Mardi Gras.

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  2. Such a cool idea for the socks and afghan. Temperatures here would result in a pretty boring design. It’s seems like it will never warm up!

    I need to get back to paper piecing. My son would probably love to finally have his quilt finished!


  3. I am loving that temperature sock. It is so cute, but I can’t imagine all the ends to weave in! The blanket is looking great, too.

    Have fun with the string along! I have been saving my “strings” and passing them on to a lady at Linus. She teaches string quilting so it is a win-win for us!


    1. There aren’t that many ends to weave in. I weave them in as I start a new color so I mostly just have to go back and clip the yarn. I start adding colors and leave them all attached for about 10-15 rows before I tie off all of them again. (Don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s not as bad as you might imagine.) I’m expecting some parts of the year to be the same 2-3 colors for months, but that hasn’t happened yet.


  4. I love your t shirt , keep on dreaming it’s the only way the world gets better.

    Love the socks and blanket and the HP blocks are very cute , Ron almost looks like Lego xx


  5. Love your socks! The blanket is pretty too. Are you using different colors for each?

    Perfect use of an old sheet ready to be retired! I’m hoping to find some time to sew my blocks this weekend 🤞


  6. I so love how those temperature socks are turning out, and the crochet blanket. Are you joining the blocks are you make them for the crochet blanket? I need to learn how to do that.

    Also I saw the top half of your shirt and knew immediately what it was from and though I need to stencil that on a shirt for myself.


  7. The temperature socks are wonderful. When we moved to Ohio from Houston, I thought I was gonna die the first year. I was so ridiculously cold all the time. I grew up in Minnesota, it’s nots like I don’t know what cold feels like. Now I’m freezing all the time in North Carolina.
    It’s all relative to whatever you’ve become accustom.

    The HP blocks are so fun. I am enjoying seeing your progress on them.

    Happy Crafting


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