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TTMT more bag making

I also have some photos of my t shirts if your interested.

17 thoughts on “TTMT more bag making

  1. That’s a lot of shirts! Good job. Your family will be the best-dressed ones in the entire Disney park!
    LOVE your carry-on bag! Your husband’s is soooooo nice. It’s always nice to have a strong man with a big bag with you for oh so many things to hold.
    You’ve been so busy. I am very far from sick of Disney! Keep ’em coming.


  2. Oh, Vicky, your bags are stunning!! I fully expect you’ll have people asking where you got them! My youngest is a big fan of the original Fall Out games, so I recognized the fabric immediately.

    I love the little skirts and things. I hope you take a million photos of because you all are going to be wrapped head to toe in Disney!


    1. I know , lee is finding it all very funny as he said he has never seen anyone do so much work for a holiday.

      I am really pleased with the bags they are both great , I knew you would recognise the fabric, it was a little tricky to work with as it was jersey but I think it looks great xx

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  3. Everything is lovely. I am in Florida. T-shirt material is great to use for clothing, as it can get stinking hot here! LOL!
    Have a fantastic trip!!!


  4. I may have burst into delighted laughter when I saw the nukacola fabric for your husband’s bag. I didn’t realize that was a thing!

    I love how you’ve managed to capture the feel of the various princess dresses in more casual skirts that your daughter will be able to wear more easily than a full on ballgown.

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    1. Thank you, the cola fabric was a jersey I bought years ago to make him a top , but it always seemed a better to busy, I love this bag though xx


  5. Your two bags look great! I really like the princess fabric on your bag. You are so creative with your daughters clothes. I would never be able to do that. She is going to get lots of attention. Sounds like your husband will be embarrassed. I know mine would be. Can’t wait to hear about all you do when you get there.


  6. You are going all out and I love it. Those little skirts are flat out adorable and so many t-shirts!!! The bags are great; good job.
    February is over!!! Congratulations for seeing the challenge through.


    1. Thank you I do love the skirts.

      Congratulations to you to , we did it. I know your going to keep it up and hats off to you. I am doing a condensed version and allowing myself a sweet treat a week, but only something small. No dipping into the kids snacks or sweets and no sweets /chocolate after a meal or with a cup of tea. I am so pleased I did it though , it has really set me back on a healthier path XX

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  7. Wow wow WOW! You have been busy! The outfits for your daughter are great and of course I love your bags! Soon as I saw the Park Sling for tour husband I knew it was YOUR post I liked the other day…but had no idea that was you!!! In the Sew Sweetness group I am Anita Lynn… I couldn’t join under my Queen Of Creative account. You are really going all out for your trip. One day we may make it there.


    1. He he , I love posting on sew sweetness as you get loads of likes. . The park sling is a great pattern and I love yours from this week too.

      Disney has been a while coming to us, we haven’t had a family holiday ever so this is our first trip away. I am (as you can probably tell) very excited xx

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      1. Yeah Sew Sweetness group is loaded with post likes and comments! Real high volume, hard to keep up some days! Lol Now my daughter wants a Park sling… lol she needs to make it herself! Lol I have a long list of sewing to-does before we leave.

        Enjoy your trip! It is definitely a great place that’s on my bucket list!


  8. First I love love love your tshirt skirt alternative for your daughter. She will be much more comfortable and guarantee people will be asking you “where you bought it”. They are great.

    Second I am in awe over your bagmaking skills. I use a smaller version of the type of bag you made your husband as my purse and I love it. With my neck and shoulder arthritis issues it’s great because I can wear it over a shoulder or crossbody depending on what I’m doing. I looked at patterns and then went on amazon and bought one because sewing patterns confuse the heck out of me.

    Third, as someone who has been to disney and not been a shorts person either (5 ft 2.5″ in height myself), I wore capri pants, but might have been more comfy in skirts, however, you want to be careful of the flowyness and the length. Too flowy and/or too long can end up causing an accident. So many people, like you have no idea how many people, will be around you at all times. So just make sure it’s roomy enough for ease of movement while not being something that will trip you or someone else. I tend to live in long flowy skirts in the summer and have found just around mid-calf or a smidge lower or higher to be perfect in length. Maybe jersey cotton? Also I wear cotton bike shorts underneath or cotton capri leggings to keep my legs from chafing and getting a rash. Also if the wind picks up I get full undie coverage, lol. You will want fabrics that breathe really well because… warm and super humid. Cotton is your best friend!


    1. Thanks for the comments on the skirts , to be honest I could have made so many but felt I neede to stop somewhere, I may have to do her an Aurora one but will see if I find the time.

      I thought about Capri’s but I am just a little shorter then you at 5:1 and then tend to make me look stupid. I have some maxi dresses and the like so hopefully a couple of skirts and all will be good. Good tip about the people thought I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Will have to keep them a little shorter. Xx


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