TTMT Video

TTMT #509 – That’s How I roll

JELLY ROLL SWAPPERS  – Thank you for swapping, I had a blast sorting our strips!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #509 – That’s How I roll

  1. Those quilt tops you missed are so cute! I have that fabric you put on the back, and haven’t decided what to do with it yet.
    LOVE the jelly roll distribution dance! Thanks for entertaining us. Such beautiful fabrics.
    Enjoy your daughter’s birthday…she’s so lucky to have you as her mom! Please tell her that my birthday message to her this year is a hope that she always remembers that you never get too old to need your mom.
    Have a great week.


    1. Are the tops Alida sent great?! I love having more tops to quilt for Linus.

      Assembling the jelly rolls was so fun and I loved watching them come together! I meant to say in the video that it only took about 45 minutes to sort them out.

      I’m baking for my daughter’s birthday as I type! I’m very lucky that she currently lives about five minutes away, so I get to see her at least once a week.

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  2. Thank you for showing us the sorting of the strips. It was fun to watch. My jelly roll arrived safe and sound yesterday. All I had time for was a quick peek at the fabrics and I skimmed the letter. I just went and opened the bag back up so I could find the the label. Love It! Thank you so much!


  3. There was something so pleasing about watching you sort the fabrics , good music choice to.

    Thank you for all your hard work ,it must have been a mission x


  4. I love my jelly roll! I have the pieces for my quilt cut out, the first seam done for all the blocks, and one block completed. Can you tell I am excited about this? The label is great and my quilt will wear it with pride!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the video; you couldn’t have been more fair with the sorting.


  5. Yay the video of the strip sorting ceremony was awesome. I love my strips and am excited to dive in but am not allowing myself quite yet.

    And those quilt tops were really fun. Wow, already quilted one! I am still thinking on what I’m going to do with the strips… I want to get my new leaders made first and maybe quilt one of my ready-to-quilt tops for Linus over the next few days while I’m waiting for my new patchwork foot to arrive.


    1. Sorting the strips was so fun, I’ve had to stop myself from cutting my entire stash into strips! Ehem!

      Quilting is so zen for me, especially meandering. I can do an entire Linus top with one bobbin if I am just meandering. ONE BOBBIN. Now I want to quilt another top. Maybe tomorrow. 😛


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