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TTMT # 38 Retreat Fun




The gray mouse is the newest creature on the cheese. Rich made the cheese from particle board and felt. It is so much fun!

8 thoughts on “TTMT # 38 Retreat Fun

  1. So the mice and cheese are just adorable! You guys are so creative.
    I think those are the largest squares I have seen in a rag quilt. I like when you bend things a little and do things I have not seen before. Last week I learned how to make a “faux” rag quilt and may have to make one just because it is so fun.
    The ones you finally bound are wonderful. What a great feeling to have something for years and finally get it finished…I have a closet full, but this is my year!
    That Pat Sloane one is coming along nicely. Love the fabrics.
    Looking forward to seeing your pixilated Ron and Whomping Willow, as well as your next block in Out of This World!
    You got TONS done in a week!


  2. It’s fun to see quilts in your video after it being mostly knitting. That is awesome because it means you are at the point where physically you can sew again! Successful surgery!

    Your retreat finishes were great. I love the feeling of something like that being completely DONE. Go you!!

    those mice and the cheese are just too cute for words!


  3. I made It about halfway through the Pat Sloan Soltice project. I was thinking about picking It back up again. The blocks I did get done were fun to make.

    A whomping willow block sounds like fun!!

    The mice and cheese are adorable and I love your red and white triangle quilt.

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  4. The mice and cheese are so very cute. What a brilliant set of projects finished up, so much work completed at your retreat , I normally spend to much time drinking tea and chatty and forget the quilting part. Xx


  5. I only drink Diet Coke, so I do not have to stop to do that!! It was a great group of people. I was new to the group. I did participate in conversations, but there were some real dominating personalities. Fortunately it was not an annoying kind of dominance. They were all really funny.


  6. The quilts look lovely, bet it feels great to have those finished. The Solstice quilt block is lovely… that’s going to be an impressive quilt when it’s finished 😀

    Sounds like you kept yourself really busy on your retreat! Go you!


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