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TTMT #299 – jewells68 – February 26, 2019 – Not a Lot

In which I show what I’ve gotten done so far on the Chinrest cover plus my swap strips and some surprise mail from Susan. So there’s stuff to show, it’s just most of it wasn’t made by me.


20 thoughts on “TTMT #299 – jewells68 – February 26, 2019 – Not a Lot

  1. Oooh, the quilt tops from Susan are so good! So many wonderful Linus-quilts-to-be!

    Yay for the chin rest! I know that’s been on your list forever.

    If you haven’t already, at least take the letter out of the swap. Because reasons. 😉


    1. After having those miniature tops out in my hands for filming I started having ideas of possibly using them as “orphan blocks” in a single quilt. At least one or two of them. So since I am up so early this morning, after my breakfast soup I plan to head back to the project room to throw them on the design board.

      The chinrest cover is taking so little time to actually make that I feel silly dragging it out so long.

      I love the labels! They are perfect! And challenge accepted! 😉

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  2. The chinrest is coming along nicely. I would think foam would be perfect, but I don’t know much (read: anything) about chinrests.
    What great tops from Susan! Exciting.
    Great to see you no matter how many (or any) things you have to show us…just touching base is enough.
    Have a wonderful rest of the month.


    1. Some violinists have these contraptions they attach to the underside of the violin so that their neck is not bent so far down toward the front. I was never able to use one of those, and I don’t think my brother has used one much either. Which means we are gripping the violin with just our shoulder and under our chin. If you don’t play daily, your chin doesn’t get used to holding the violin like that and can bruise, hence the chinrest cover, making it more comfortable to play when you are a casual musician.

      I am excited about playing with those partial quilt tops from Susan to see how I can complete them into a bigger quilt.

      You too!


      1. That makes sense. He’s gotta be happy you’re making him one.
        Those tops have so many possibilities. I’m excited for you and the fun you will have.


  3. All the quilts are awesome. It’ll be fun to come up with border designs or just play with the quilting. The chin rest looks great too. Whenever I see It I always think of a deflated balloon lol.

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  4. Such fun colors in the quilts, and so many different patterns! Love it. The chin rest looks cool, and I’m thinking it’s going to be comfortable. Loving seeing everyone with the jellyrolls. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


    1. It will be fun to come up with a plan to make those small quilts bigger.

      I think this chin rest cover is going to be so much better than my original I’m going to have to make a new one for myself.

      I am excited to come up with a plan for the jelly roll strips, too. And the label Jennifer included is perfect!


    1. Thanks to last year’s retreat and this package from you I won’t need to piece any new tops for Linus until maybe summer, other than just to make these three small ones a bit bigger… thanks!!!

      I think after I make this one for my brother I’m going to have to make another one for myself… this one is way more comfortable!

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  5. Cute chin rest. Only ever noticed leather ones.
    Those quilt tops are so cute. Great ideas for my charity sew. Sometimes I get stuck. I am visual learner. See the different colors used is inspiring.
    BTW you look terrific.


    1. I never needed a cover for my chinrest in my youth because I played every day. It was only when I set the violin aside for a long time and then picked it up again that I needed some kind of protection from the hardness of the chinrest.

      I am excited to quilt those tops up for Project Linus. It gives me a nice head start.


  6. So jealous of your musical talent and it seems it runs in your family, love the chin rest.

    The quilt tops are great and it’s good that you can get them done for Linus.

    The weather is odd here to, last year at this time we had the beast of the east ( snow snow and more snow) and this year last week we had sunny days and sun cream weather. Although apparently global warming isn’t real🙃 yay for spring xx


    1. The thing about the high desert is we can have pretty wide temperature swings from our low to our high, so today for instance it was below freezing but is supposed to be in the 60s (F) this afternoon. So basically a 40 degree swing from low to high. That’s why we have to wear layers, at least until June, lol.

      One reason I have been making myself work from stash as much as possible and use up my supplies as much as possible is to make more space so I can have a dedicated space for my instruments so that I’m more likely to get them out and play them. instead of dragging them out once or twice a year and them they stay in a corner the rest of the time.


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