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i’m still alive…


7 thoughts on “i’m still alive…

  1. I’m so sorry your body is fighting you. Mine certainly fights me on certain things.
    One Labyrinth block is progress! Hopefully, you’ll find time to do some more…you’re close!
    You’re actually making a iot of progress when you think about it. I feel you are finally finding some sewing time. You know it’s good for you.
    You must feel like you have a brand new closet to do with as you please! That’s exciting.
    It’s great to see you. Continue on your healthy trek and we’ll be here when you have time. I’m looking forward to the jelly roll challenge!


  2. So glad you could touch base and keep us up to date and what you are doing. Being made to make babies really makes loosing weight hard. Sounds like you are going to the gym a lot. That’s great. Hope to hear from you again soon.


  3. Princeeess!!! I am always happy to see your face!

    I am so incredibly proud of the efforts you and your mom have made and continue to make. I feel very similar about exercise, though I do love yoga, as you know. The sheer amount of clean out you were able to do is a testament to how awesome you’ve both done!! *throws confetti*


  4. Have to admit, I’m one of those people who DOES really like exercise… You’d probably find gym going with me kind of infuriating because I tend to be hyper energized afterwards!

    It is quite cathartic listening to you talk about cleaning out the closets.


  5. I am from great Irish stock too and I agree my dna says “There’s a famine coming”. I can commiserate and understand. You’re inspiring.


  6. Yay, princess!!

    I agree with Jennifer, your new closet space attests to all the progress you have made. I don’t know if I have ever experienced the increase in energy from exercising, but it definitely makes me sleep better. Which is why I need to do a heck of a lot more of it. Maybe try a different kind of machine or class just to mix things up. Sometimes that can kickstart your body when it’s stuck.

    I am glad to see you doing a little crafting here and there. Keep it up, it will help you keep your balance, which we all need.



  7. So happy to see your face! Closet cleaning – pain in the neck while doing it; so happy when finished! I’m doing that right now in my sewing room and it looks like it will take at least a couple more weeks to get’er done.
    I know what you mean about your body fighting you. I never thought to blame it on my Irish heritage but I’ll take any excuse – I mean reason – I can find.


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