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TTMT #508 – Mail, Space, & Sore Stuff

JELLY ROLL SWAPPERS  – All strips have been received. Swaps will go out this week!

I’m not feeling my stellar best today and you can definitely tell. Editing saved you from loads of repeating myself and a bit of thoroughly unfunny nonsense.


10 thoughts on “TTMT #508 – Mail, Space, & Sore Stuff

  1. I have now been diagnosed with TENNIS ELBOW! My doctor didn’t change the diagnosis based on my “Do I LOOK Like I play tennis?!?” argument. He says I’m doing something repetitive. I swore I wasn’t. The only think repetitive I am doing is sewing. So….welcome pain, you’ll be living with me for a long while!
    Your Star Trek is really shaping up. It uses its negative space well.
    Your quilting looks so fun! So glad you are enjoying that.
    Have a fauloso week.

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    1. I’ve had repetitive stress for ages and I end up having a flare up whenever I ignore it. The compression doodads really help. I highly recommend these for the elbow pain. It makes a HUGE difference and you only look a little silly. I told my daughter’s boyfriend it was from a break dancing injury. He even bought it for a minute or two! 😉

      I’m sorting swap fabric while I watch videos! 😀

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      1. Thanks for the recommendation. He said I should wear something like that. I appreciate your help.
        Yep, jelly rolls for a new project are just what I really need right now. But it’s on my list so there must be time for it, right?

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  2. Your row is great, I love the use of negative space, it gives you places to really do some creative quilting without taking away from your ships, too. If we hadn’t had that negative space in the PoD I don’t know if I would ever have finished. That was the quickest part of the quilting, lol.

    How exciting, the jelly rolls are coming, the jelly rolls are coming! 🙂

    I think I need to get a brace like yours, only for my left wrist. It’s weird that I need it on my left when I am right handed but that’s just how it is… The stretchy compression sleeves don’t seem to be helping my wrist at all, although they do help my thumb and finger joints a bit.


    1. I still occasionally have Hext in my brain yelling “Don’t fill every inch! NEGATIVE SPACE MATTERS!”

      JELLY ROLLS! I hope they start showing up tomorrow!

      This is the brace I bought. They come in left & right. It’s made such a huge difference, I’m seriously thinking of getting another one so I can always have a clean one. My arm hasn’t been numb in over a week, which is kind of amazing. I didn’t realize how much it was happening until it wasn’t!


    1. Oops, hit return before I was ready to send. Anyway, I’ve been having a lot of elbow/forearm pain since October. When I went to my Dr. he said it was probably a muscle strain. However, I think it is probably something more like tennis elbow. I followed your advice and got the compression thingy and as soon as I put it on, the pain lessened. Amazing.


  3. Your DS9 row looks really great. I love the added space – you’re right that it makes everything seem larger and more… universe-sized by having open space between some of the elements.

    Your signs quilt looks really great!

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