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TTMT with a bad voice

10 thoughts on “TTMT with a bad voice

  1. Do you know you posted the same video as last week? Did you maybe click on the wrong one and upload it? I really enjoyed it both times, but feel we might be missing a new one if you recorded it but didn’t upload the right one. You’ve looked tired for a week!!! lol. Get some sleep and figure it out.
    Great seeing you AGAIN!


  2. The party sounds fun. That was very nice of you.
    Your videos crack me up….so raw and real.
    Love the rose shirt.
    My goodness, that HP bag is soooooo cute! Looking forward to seeing the princess one. I don’t think you can ever have too many bags.
    I hope your throat gets better soon.
    Have a grat week.


  3. Oh no I hope you are feeling better soon. I avoid public places as much as possible this time of year. I pick up every icky germ I come near. The party sounds like a good time. My younger son played Minecraft when it was still an obscure free game made by a couple guys in a basement way back. He was completely obsessed with it for years. He has help his sister and younger cousin get into it as well.

    The shirts are so fun! I saw your Fortenight one on either IG or Fbook. I’m sure your son loves it.

    Oh eye candy! The HP bag! What a fun bag for you to have on the trip. It’s fun watching you prepare for your Holidays! They will be so amazing for all of you.

    Happy Crafting and feel better!


  4. I hope you feel better soon. Kids are very good at sharing colds and other yuckiness.

    I love your HP tote bag. The foam makes It look so crisp. The princess fabric is gorgeous and It will make a wonderful bag.

    My son was also really into Minecraft back in the very early days. He could talk for hours about whatever he was building at the time. He’ll be 20 in just a few weeks and he’ll still go back and play every now and then.

    Boys’ birthday parties definitely get harder around age 8. In the past we’ve been to several parties where there was a very large van that was filed with video game stations. A handful of kids could play video games inside the van and the other kids were outside playing some type of active game. My son loved the giant balls that you get inside and run around.


  5. Oh no. Feel better soon!!!

    I love love love the bag and the fabric for the princess one. And the moana bag. Phebe and I saw that one, I think it was the last movie I saw in a movie theater. I loved it and the soundtrack. That movie made me cry, but in a good way. 🙂


  6. I can’t even imagine trying to put on a birthday party for kids that age… I have NO idea what kids are into these days, haha. I mean, you have your own, so that’d give you a better idea than me by far, but yeah.

    Your HP tote looks so wonderful! Foam does amazing things inside a bag, doesn’t it? Gives such good structure.


  7. I really love all the Disney and vacation things! Moana is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I really like that t-shirt in particular. Oh, that Potter bag is beautiful, and so is the princess fabric!
    I highly commend you for throwing the party for your friend’s son. That was going above and beyond!!!


  8. Oh, what fantastic bags! I’m so happy to see what you did with your fabric! I love how much fun you’re having with your travel crafts.

    My daughter is also very into the Bendy game. She even has pjs! 9 or 10 is when my son just started having sleepovers. He was in charge after that!

    Please tell Hannah I will pet all of my kitties just for her. 😉


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