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TTMT #33 Testing & Painting Day

12 thoughts on “TTMT #33 Testing & Painting Day

  1. You look way cuter than I do when I’m painting!

    The Zelda blocks keep looking fabulous! Have I ever mentioned my daughter has a Crest of Hyrule tattoo?

    Oh, no pressure! I hope you like my row as much as I do. 😀

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your friends!


    1. Maybe I should post an after photo from painting. I’m quiet sure I’m a sight at that point. Thankfully it’s a small toilet only little room. I’m so over painting. I will probably pay someone for the big great room/kitchen area. My hands and wrist are dying at the end of the day. Part of why I never do it more than once a week.

      Oh cool Tat! I always think I want one and then waffle so much I never do it. I have designed several for myself but just stop there. I guess I get a little wigged out by how many ugly ones I see.

      I have never done one of your patterns that I didn’t love! I include all of those itsy bitsy 5” HP blocks I did oh so long ago. I’m sure I will love it! Your patterns always have an ease to them. It’s hard fine patterns that feel that way.

      I am super excited for our weekend. I think the last time my hubs saw his friend was 2012 when he was commuting ( literally flying back & forth) from Ohio to Pennsylvania for work. It’s looking like a 99% chance that they are moving here. So Yay!


      1. I have similar issues with my hands and wrist when I paint. It is so frustrating! Still, I’d love to see you covered in paint!

        My daughter has no such compunctions. I have several small tattoos, two of which are Tolkien themed, so she comes by it honestly!

        I am so glad you like my patterns. I work my butt off on them. Almost everything I share has been designed from scratch at least twice. I design once, export the image, then design again. My goal is as simple as possible to get across whatever it is I want to get across. That’s the kind of pattern I like to piece, so it’s the kind I try to make! 🙂

        Oh wow, that was one heck of a commute! How exciting that your friends may be moving close by!


        1. Lol I have used this shirt and jeans for painting for probably the last 15 years. Hubs jokingly calls it my uniform. I like some painting. Doing murals or even just a color update that I am excited about. This painting is the same colorless just a fresh coat. Unfortunately, the builder user this paint in watered down spray application. So even though I have an exact “match” it doesn’t actually match. So it’s like painting all over again with the new color. Not what I actually envision myself getting into.

          My oldest has more tats than I’m probably aware of and the middle is constantly looking for just the right design tat. I’m sure he will get inked sooner rather than later. I like them…I just chicken out.


  2. I know the Zelda blocks must mean something but since I’ve never played and it’s not one my boys played, I have no idea what they are. LOL!! But whatever they mean, they are beautifully done and I love your choice of fabric. Have fun with your friends!
    I am excited about Jenn O’s row too!!!


  3. Happy painting! That is my least favorite thing to do as far as home improvements go, so I give you credit for tackling it. As usual, beautiful piecing. I hope you have a crafty week!


  4. You are definitely doing a lot of painting. I was wondering if you were getting ready to move, until you mentioned it being time. it took us about 10 years before we did any freshening up of our house. 🙂


  5. I just finished painting the living room in my new house, and have the entire rest of the house once the walls are finished. It actually feels good once you finish.
    Zelda’s looking great!
    Enjoy your friends and have a great week.


  6. We’ve lived in this house 22 years this month and the only room that has ever been painted is my daughter’s, twice. I guess we just don’t care, lol.

    The collection on the design wall is growing! They are looking good!


    1. Our situation is a bit unusual. The nature of his career is moving is always on the table. Honestly I don’t mind it as much as one would think. I have loved something about every place I have lived. It’s been an amazing adventure for our family. I have got to experience so many things I wouldn’t have in one place. The longest we’ve lived in any state was 11 years. We tried so hard to stay there that he literally flew back and forth from Cleveland to Philadelphia every week instead of moving. The last time we moved I spent the last two years before we moved remodeling the house to get it ready to sell & not completely lose our shirts on it. I literally retiled bathrooms, installed flooring, and painted every single room floor to ceiling in the house. It was so completely overwhelming for me. I don’t ever want to be in the situation I was last time. I had 20 years work of house upkeep to do in 2yrs. This time I’m trying to keep the painting up as I go. We moved into a brand new house here and the build used a spray to apply the thinnest possible layer of paint in a flat. So every single dirty finger shows up and can’t realy be washed out. So the walls look a lot worse than you would imagine for 4 yrs. I am slow working my way through because I do feel the clock maybe ticking on our time here. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed with stuff to do.


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