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TTMT #297 – jewells68 – February 12, 2019 – Bears and Cats

In which I am completely distracted and keep having to remind myself what I am doing. Includes photos of the finished Bear Panel Quilt that was turned in to Project Linus this past weekend. Video now with 100% more Pouncy.

16 thoughts on “TTMT #297 – jewells68 – February 12, 2019 – Bears and Cats

  1. Nice job on the Bear Quilt. You really brought someone’s dead ufo back to life!

    I just gave away a unused machine as well. I was super happy to find a good home for it. I’ll be honest I don’t really have the desire to down size the machines. But this one I knew I would truly never use again. I have 4 machines (2 inherited) that work right now that’s includes my embroidery but not including my long arm. My daughter has a machine and I have a 1920s Singer Treadle that needs restoration. It’s not that I need them all but I love all to much to part with until they are dead.

    Thank You for the cameo Pouncy.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. The machine I gave away was actually my youngest machine and my only computerized machine. I bought it a few years ago on sale. The only thing I’m really going to miss is automatic needle down function. That’s pretty much it. I’m back to my 1976 Kenmore all metal with cams for piecing and other sewing. But this lady did me a huge favor and I didn’t have the connection with the new Singer that I have with my vintage machines. So it was totally worth it to me to give her a machine she can use for mending and hemming and things like that.

      Pouncy is going to be really sad when I move the frame back away from the window and the heater vent and and ban her from napping there. She is pretty sure it’s her bed now.


  2. I totally get the scattered/distracted brain thing. Pouncy is adorable. I don’t know why petting a cat can become so distracting. lol

    The Bear quilt is adorable. The quilting looks great.

    Memory foam for the violin chin rest is a good idea.

    It was very sweet to give your machine to your coworker. I’m sure she will make many wonderful things with her new/used machine. I’m not a sewing machine collector so I only have my main machine and my emergency back up machine.


    1. Pouncy Cat kept purring and rubbing her head all over my hand… and then biting me. Silly Kitty.

      My other machines are all vintage machines except for the Pfaff on the frame. But the one I gave away was my only young, computerized machine. I just love those vintage machines. My ’76 Kenmore is a tank and I am looking forward to sewing on it again.


  3. Ha, distracting co-host is distracting!

    Woo-hoo on the Bear quilt! It seems to have been a very zen project for you and that is always a good thing.

    I laughed when you said you have four machine that work. 😁 Yay for sharing the Singer love. You never know what machine will talk to you until you use it for a while.


    1. I came to the conclusion that the Singer was just not the machine for me. I love my vintage machines. I don’t plan to buy another machine unless it’s a mid-arm/long-arm or possibly a serger. Or embroidery machine, lol.


  4. Speaking of zen – distracting kitties are soooo zen (unless they are biting your hands). Pouncy is adorable!
    Nice job on the bear quilt. Of course we always knew you would work it


    1. My little Pouncy Cat is like balm to my soul. I filmed Monday night and after working a 9 hour day working through lunch. It’s like she knew I had a tough day. My little purr monster.

      I really love how the bear turned out. And it was kind of cathartic just quilting the heck out of that panel.


  5. I will miss weekly updates on the bear quilt. It turned out so nice! I love that you not only saved its life but also made it better than it could have been before.
    The chin rest cover is great! I like the idea of memory foam. For a February 2 birthday I would have had to go with groundhog fabric, but I’m sure he’s about tired of that by now.
    That was very kind of you to give your machine ago. I should probably get rid of a few. There are some I can never let go of (my Wheeler & Wilson– the predecessor of Singer–treddle which sews a straighter line than anything else I have and at least one other). Think of all the good your co-worker can do on that!
    Great to see you…wish your kitty was close enough for me to hug!
    Have a great week.


    1. I have to say it was a little bittersweet to let to bear quilt go after all this time but I’m glad some child will get to snuggle with it. It is very snuggly, to which Pouncy would attest, she kept trying to lie on it while I was quilting it.

      The chin rest cover in the video is the one I made myself last year. I got it out of my case to use as a pattern since I sort of winged it when I made it. My brother has requested something dark, so I still need to dig through my stash to find something. Haha yeah he’s had over 50 years of groundhog jokes, Although I did tell him he’d get his gift in 6 more weeks, lol.

      You know, it was my only computerized machine. I just have a thing for all metal tank machines I guess. I just never enjoyed sewing on this one as much as my vintage machines, although I really liked the automatic needle down function, that’s the only thing I’m going to miss. It’s like the difference between driving a 1974 chevy malibu and one made today. One’s a tank and the other is plastic.

      Pouncy is one of those that don’t like you to hug them but when left to her own devices she comes to you and rubs her face all over you… she is quite the little purr monster.


  6. I love how the quilting on the bear quilt came out. It’s such a cute quilt. Also, how generous of you to gift a machine! That’s amazing.

    Happy quilting!


    1. I love how the bear came out, too. Who knew something so horrible could turn out so nice? 🙂

      I have rescued machines from thrift stores before, cleaned and oiled and gotten them purring and then This is actually the second time I’ve done that. When I first was relearning to sew about 15- 20 years ago I bought a brand new janome from the dealer where I was taking a class. It drove me insane. Then when my daughter was in middle school, I inherited a Singer 301A and my Aunt’s 1976 Kenmore. They sewed perfect stitches. I immediately made the kenmore my go to machine and gave the janome to a friend of my daughter’s that was in the middle of sewing a quilt by hand because she didn’t have a machine. She got great use out of it. I don’t know why I would buy another one with a computer and fancy stitches, but I was lured in. I just love my all metal machines.


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