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TTMT 2-12-19: 2nd 2019 Finish

Actually it is 2 finishes in 1.  The back is a UFO from 10+ years ago that I never got around to finishing.  So this quilt is reversible.  Win-Win.

Pictures in the video are 1) front, 2) back, 3) my favorite quilt assistant peeking over to say hi.

11 thoughts on “TTMT 2-12-19: 2nd 2019 Finish

  1. Hey, cute lady! Those glasses are fantastic and look great with your hair!

    Oh, yay, I am so glad to hear you finished the pepper quilt! Let us know what he thinks.

    I like your plan for your ST blocks. I usually save potential redos for the end, too, and I have to tell you, I rarely redo when I get to the end because those little things get lost in the big picture.

    We’re having the same weather ups and downs. I don’t mind the cold, but I would like some consistency!

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  2. He just left and he liked it – YAY!!! I love giving handmade gifts to someone who appreciates them!!! He has 2 sets of pillow cases I’ve given him the last 2 Christmases and he told me tonight that they are both on his bed right now. I’m a happy crafter!

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  3. Cute glasses and hair cut! Looking all spiffy!

    The Pepper quilt is great. I love a two sided quilt.

    The Star Trek blocks have definitely been challenging. You aren’t alone in that feeling. They look good enough to me. I won’t stress over it. I like your plan to wait until you see them all together. Half the time I forget where the problems are and have to look for them at the end.

    Happy Crafting! Yay for all those finishes in the works.

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  4. You look so cute and spunky!
    2nd quilt for 2019? Excellent. I am finishing my 2nd one for the year and it sure feels good!
    Good decision on ST. Sometimes I get frustrated and need a break, then I get a second wind and things start looking better.
    Oh….I want to see your jelly roll pattern! Sounds wonderful. A mystery for the rest of us.
    That house/barn/church-whatever-it-is behind you is the block in one of my absolute favorites (a UFO for later this year)!!! My mother made a box full of that block. She was a FABULOUS quilter (perfect piecer and hand quilter) until her eyes and arthritis caused her to retire from it. So, she gave me the box of blocks to put together as I please when I get to is. So it’s on my 2019 list. I have the page from the magazine where she first saw it hanging on my design wall because I don’t like the layout in the photo but I’m staring at the block from time to time deciding what I think I’ll do with it. Hopefully, I’ll be showing it off in a few months. She gave me 2 (possibly 3) boxes of blocks to assemble, and the other one is even more special to me….it’s going to take a lot of time and patience and education to do it justice, so it may not get done this year…not until I’m confident in the skills I need to do it right. If I ever have a slow week (or when I get to it in my UFO closet) I’ll give you a sneak peek. That’s what you get for not showing us your jelly roll pattern!!!
    Have a great week.


    1. The quilt behind me is from one of Jennifer’s quilt-alongs – Paper Piecing Vintage. I made two of them, the smaller one behind me (6″ blocks) and a larger one (12″ blocks) in teal, black and white that I gave to my oncologist and is hanging in her office.


  5. I really love your new glasses, and Jen’s right, they look great with your new haircut! And is that an elderly kitty mraow from Lilith in the background?

    I really love the idea of the double sided quilt. What a great way to kill two ufo birds in one!

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