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TTMT not a lot to show but a lot of waffle xx

12 thoughts on “TTMT not a lot to show but a lot of waffle xx

  1. I love Who Do You Think You Are. Unfortunately, most of the British episodes I’ve seen have been in chunks on YouTube because they aren’t all available here.

    I talked about the tote bag I added the zipper to and the link to the tutorial I followed is here:
    I’m planning to do a couple more…eventually! They make great project bags.

    Congrats on doing so well on going off sugar! 🙂


  2. I think “waffling” just means we’re having a chat on the phone or in the kitchen. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with. I enjoy “talking” with you.
    Good luck with the sugar. It will not be so hard after awhile. You won’t crave it as much.


    1. It’s definitely getting easier but I am an emotional eater so it only takes something small and I start to crave the sweetness xx


  3. You’re doing really well with the sugar thing! Keep at it! (I totally forgot I was all “maybe I should do it too”).

    You’re really getting lots of clothes done for your trips – lots of fun things.


  4. We can keep this going. After all, we are so sweet we don’t need to add sugar!
    Love all the Disney things. You are really doing well with the Cricut.
    I love “Who do you Think You Are” and the other show sounds hilarious! I’ll look to see if we can get it.


  5. Bravo on keeping with the sugar free February. It really does get better over time. I eat most junky when I’m bored. I just try to stay super busy when I’m craving junk food.

    The shorts are really cute. I bet he loves them.

    Happy Crafting


  6. Those Disney shorts are adorable! Great work on the shirt, too…what a great quote.
    That story of the Royal Cockney is hysterical! I would enjoy that. I read Alan Cuming’s book that he wrote while he was on Who Do You Think You Are? Great book and he has a great story also. I’ll look for his show. If it’s not on BBC America I can find it online.
    I’m so happy you are sticking with the no sugar thing. Years ago my whole home town went on SugarBusters (same concept) and all lost so much weight. Fortunately, I had already left town and had not yet come back, so I was spared (lol). Good luck to you.
    Have a great week.


  7. Well done on your sugar free month. It is amazing some of the stuff that has added sugar where you wouldn’t expect it. Savory things, even.

    You are really going gangbusters with your cricut. I might have kept mine instead of selling it on craigslist if I had tried it with the heat press vinyl. I bought mine to cut freezerpaper for fabric stencils and I could never get the settings right to where it didn’t rip the paper to shreds so I gave up.


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