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TTMT #45 | Through Rose Colored Glasses | 02/05/2019

Hi All!

Almost didn’t make it before midnight! Had this all edited and ready to go but the export didn’t go through. I had to lower the quality, so I apologize if it looks a bit fuzzy.

Freezing rain and thunder sleet most if the day. Oh what FUN we have been having! NOT!!!

Anyway, it makes for great sewing days. Hope it’s better weather where you are!

Have a crafty week!

13 thoughts on “TTMT #45 | Through Rose Colored Glasses | 02/05/2019

  1. That does seem a little strange that the doctors initially just gave a date without trying to work with your family’s schedule. Hopefully it all goes smoothly in a few months!

    Did you make the pattern for the mittens, or recall where you got the pattern? They look like the perfect shape (how the thumb joins the hand) for a project idea I’ve been mulling over.


    1. There was a bit more to the sudden surgery date that I just didnt elaborate on, but nonetheless it caught us off guard.

      I made the mitten pattern. I had made some for the baby last Winter and just adjusted them to be adult size this time. I have some awesome fabric type lining g that is waterproof. I will put in inside the next ones I make. Still not sure if I should double those. I want to work out a few bugs and officially write directions so O can add them to my pattern shop, I do have an Etsy account but just never use it.


  2. I love sew sweetness patterns but have struggled with the ones I have , might give this page a try and it looks awesome. Sorry you had a wording time this week hope all goes more smoothly xx


  3. The bag is fab0as usual! You really have found your thing with the bags! I love my Hobo back and my daughter loves her clutch.

    Ugh I so sorry about all the anxiety and worry you’ve been dealing with. I’m glad it’s ok to wait until everything thaws a bit and the travel will be easier. I’m sure there will be tons of worry anyway but at least the travel and expenses should be better for you.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I’m glad you were able to work out a date where you could plan ahead and get discounted airfare, etc. Travel can be so expensive. I know when only one or to doctors can do a procedure you are kind of at their mercy when it comes to scheduling.

    That shirt worked out great as the bag lining!


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