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TTMT 2/5/19 – February already???!!!

Not much done this week, but just couldn’t miss posting 2 weeks.

12 thoughts on “TTMT 2/5/19 – February already???!!!

  1. The different colors are design choices. 🙂 I’m a Star Trek nerd and didn’t see anything that bothered me so you’re good, lol!

    I think you said something about cataracts in a past video? My mother waited and waited to have hers removed until she couldn’t see to watch TV or read, for fear of the surgery. When she finally had it done she was SO happy and relieved. I think the recovery from the anesthesia was the hardest part, the rest was no problem. Not telling you what to do, just wanted you to know. 🙂


    1. My cataract has progressed from mild to medium so my doc and I decided to wait until it gets to where it affects my quality of life (esp. driving, reading, and QUILTING). I got my new glasses this week hoping it would improve things and I’d be able to put off the surgery for a while longer. But I think I may have to have done before the year is up.


  2. This week’s video themes is everyone needs new glasses, mind are terrible i really need to follow you and get new ones. No such thing as errors only creative design choices. Thinking of you to , how are you finding it , we have so got this xx

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    1. We do have this! it is going pretty well. Tim and I went to Olive Garden for lunch yestberday. When our server came by and asked if we would like desert, I told him I couldn’t choose between the brownie lasagna, the s’mores cake and tiramisu so I just wouldn’t get any.


      1. Had a rough day today and I was running a birthday party for 15 kids aged 7 to 12. I was so tired and there was a fabulous birthday cake .. I resisted, was quite proud because I would normally have caved in those circumstances xx p.s what is s’mores cake I totally want some for March 1st xx


  3. I think you should definitely leave that block as is… I’m not a show watcher so I guess I wouldn’t notice if something was wrong, but I really think that bit of red at the end just looks like it belongs!

    I hope the new glasses help!


  4. I found these blocks fairly challenging. I have ripped more seems than I can ever remember ripping on these first two rows. I would leave them if he doesn’t care. It wouldn’t be noticeable in the big quilt in the end anyway.

    I need knew glasses too. I just hate all the ones I find and end up not getting any. Hope your new ones help.

    Happy Crafting


  5. I agree with all the other commenters. If the fan/recipient isn’t bothered by the differences in your fabrics/colors, leave them be.

    And yes, there is a theme. I have needed new glasses for a couple of years, but it took forever to get my prescription right in the lenses last time so I keep putting it off.


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