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TTMT#85-quilting along


8 thoughts on “TTMT#85-quilting along

  1. Your T-shirt quilt looks amazing. I like the simple flannel backing.

    I’ve been hearing from several people about how wonderful a new walking foot is. It seems to be the time for quilters to update their tools.


  2. The quilting is coming along nicely on the t-shirt quilts… flannel is definitely a better idea than using more tshirts on the back… it’ll feel nicer for using the quilts (assuming the recipients do use them) and be so much easier for quilting!

    The Dear Jane blocks are really lovely. Its going to be such a pretty quilt.


  3. Oh the joy of the new walking foot! I remember my m-I-l telling me she replaced hers and couldn’t believe the difference. It never occurred to me before that they really do wear out. Your quilt looks great. The flannel back will be so much better than TShirts. I don’t think. That would have finished well.

    I love your Dear Jane blocks. I would say a little Hello as I drove by too! Cool.

    I hardly knew what to do with myself this past Su day now that football is over.

    Happy Crafting


  4. Aaaahhh. There’s a new football league that started. Saw a couple minutes of the games and they looked faster paced. My son & husband really liked it. I sewed and watched a bit, but alas they’re not the Patriots. 🙂


  5. The t shirt quilts are coming along great. That was a great deal on the wide backing. And flannel will be so nice on the backs. More snuggly than other tshirts. It’s amazing how different it feels when your walking foot actually works, isn’t it?


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