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TTMT#32 Going Boldly

11 thoughts on “TTMT#32 Going Boldly

  1. You are rocking and rolling on the row along! Your rows look SO GOOD! I’m seriously considering leaving the meteors out of my TNG row. I am undecided, so I suppose it’s not a terrible thing that I haven’t finished TOS yet!

    I donated my Kenmore several years ago and it made me kind of sad! I stopped using it in maybe 2006 or 2007. Oof. Time, it does pass!


    1. I am happy my Kenmore is moving on to a new young one. I learned so much on it and hope she does too!

      I am looking forward to your row and Vanda’s. I think I have preference for your styles of pattern making. Your background fabric is delicious!


  2. I lo e the star trek quilt it is awesome, I was never really in to star trek, I liked it but never was booked but your quilt along is so amazing g i want to make the quilt.

    Clear g the raft roo. Always seems like a good idea until I start and then oh look at the prettiest and I am distracted again. Xx


    1. I’m kind of light weight fan of Star Trek. My brother was a huge fan. And I have many memories of him and I watching together as kids. We’ve watched the movies with our kids together. It’s nostalgic for me. I’m probably going to gift to him in the end. I truly don’t need more quilts.


  3. Your Star Trek blocks just look amazing… you’re doing such a great job with them! Looks like SO much work.

    Funny about the craft room seeming just as full even after pulling stuff out… I always feel the same way when I get rid of stuff.


  4. I totally get you on the purging. Everytime I do it I feel like OMG I am getting rid of so much and then I put everything that’s left away and I’m like, it looks like nothing has changed!

    Your STRaL rows look fantastic. I mainly am skipping it because “alongs” tend to stress me out, I have noticed. Also, I’m a much bigger STNG fan the the rest of the series and am not watching Discovery at all so I will likely eventually put together a layout using all Next Gen patterns from this along and FiS in general.


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