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TTMT #81 Is it grey or blue?

8 thoughts on “TTMT #81 Is it grey or blue?

  1. That warm cool warm cool weather gives everyone here colds. I’ve been mowing all winter here, too, and it needs it again.
    I love those triangles! It’s a bluish grey. Greys always lean toward brown, black, blue, green, or something. It’s the perfect grey for the triangles. I definitely have strings all the time! During the entire process, I am pulling/cutting threads. Eventually, I get them all (I hope). The border frames it nicely. I like that width, but we’ll see what you think after it’s quilted. I seldom use patterns (except for challenges and quilt-alongs). I really enjoy when something I have turns into something. Your thinking about it during the week and then having a day to do it sounds like something I would really like. And you can take your time because you’ve got all day. Black would work if you used primaries or lighter colors. Particularly for a boy or older child.
    Thanks so much for sharing your fun day that resulted in an adorable throw. Have a great week.


  2. Ooooh I like the scrappy quilt. What a nice Saturday project. I rarely get a whole Saturday in the sewing room but I love getting up to work before everyone else is up.

    I say grey but probably because the blue walls in the background make it look grey to me. I love greys. It is my go to neutral in fabric and thread. Nice job on it.


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