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TTMT #506 – Spaceships & Kitty Cats

JELLY ROLL SWAPPERS  – I *think* everyone has shipped, I’m just waiting for mail! As soon as I have the last few sets of strips, I’ll have those sorted and back in the mail!


15 thoughts on “TTMT #506 – Spaceships & Kitty Cats

  1. It’s nice that old quilts can be handstitched and tied, so easier to take apart than our modern machine-quilted-to-death ones. Your brother is going to be so happy with that. I have never tied a quilt. Maybe one day, but maybe not. The one I recently “saved” was dry-rotted and just a mess.
    Finishing things and clearing things out often helps me focus. Hopefully, when you get to Star Trek those things will be out of sight and off your mind.
    I’m eager to see your Signs finished. I have that one in my future, probably with all of the town where I have lived, and another for each of my daughters for places they have lived (I thought about teams they played on, but that would be wayyyyyy too tall).
    I still just love that Linus quilt behind you. So colorful and fun.
    Great to see you.


  2. I love the rehab of your brothers quilt. It’s alwasy special to have those items and to work on them. It’s just something about touching and working the same fabric as a relative that is precious.

    I just got your signs pattern today. I have been meaning to embroidery it with the places we have lived and basically can fill it up 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Happy Crafting


  3. Beautiful job on your brother’s special quilt!
    I am planning to do the signs quilt too; but I think I’m going to put fictional places from my fave books or shows or maybe places I’d love to visit. If I put a plank for every place I’ve ever lived, I’d have one plank. I’ve never lived farther than 10 or so miles from the hospital where I was born.


    1. I love the fictional places ideas. Ironically, that wasn’t what I was thinking of when I designed Signs, but it makes perfect sense. I’ve definitely lived enough places to do a whole one, but the only place I’ve really loved living in is Austin. 🙂

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  4. How great that you were able to save your brother’s quilt, I’m sure he’s very appreciative. I can’t wait to see what your signs, signs, signs wall hanging looks like! Looking forward to it.


  5. You seriously brought that sad little quilt back to life, it looks brand new (at least in video anyway). I have yet to do a tied quilt but am considering it with some cuddle or minky for my texture sensitive daughter and husband. Not at the top of my list though, lol

    Love the signs. I need to start doing some hand embroidery of places that I can eventually incorporate into mine.


    1. It looked as close to new as I could make it, that’s for sure. It was still weirdly heavy, which I did on purpose (flannel sheet!) because it was heavy when he gave it to me. The cuddle flannel was on sale, too, so the entire repair cost about $12. Seriously.

      I’m thinking about going back and adding general embroidery sizes to the Signs pattern so that you (and anyone else!) will know how big to make their words without having to measure the whole thing. 😀


  6. The updated quilt for your brother is just so sweet.. it looks really good and I bet he appreciates having a little more time with it. All my favourite things are the things my parents and grandparents and friends have made me… the connection of knowing someone I love had their hands on it and gave me their time and that they thought it was worth doing is just lovely.

    Of course, I’ve seen your signs update on Instagram and it looks wonderful!


      1. Me too! I have several quilts from my maternal grandmother, but only one afghan from my paternal grandmother… she wasn’t as crafty as my mom’s mom was, but I’m glad I have it. It’s the only thing I’ve got from her!

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