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TTMT#84- Some crafting

The days have flown by and I realize I forgot to make a video. With Tuesday coming up quickly, I’ll just post a couple of pictures of what I did last weekend.

For some reason I seem to do my best thinking while on the throne. Saturday I woke up and decided it was time to make a wide ironing board. I realized while working on these tshirt quilts that the regular ironing board was just not working out for me. I repurposed a table top that my husband had made me before he had resized my sewing table for the sewing machine my birthday present a couple of years ago.

Anyway…the table top had just been leaning against the wall for two years…waiting…

After a quick (45 min each way) trip to Joann’s to get the necessary supplies,
the project was under way.

I love it! I just hope the legs on the ironing board don’t give out!

I’m still working on the 3rd tshirt quilt top. Taking breaks from that I’ve started my Dear Jane blocks. I’ve 0131192100

10 thoughts on “TTMT#84- Some crafting

  1. Those Dear Jane blocks are coming along nicely. They’re going to make a cute quilt.
    I decided yesterday I need a bigger ironing board/table. That’s on my list in a few weeks. I haven’t decided between a traditional frame like yours or some sort of table base. Yours is beautiful and I’m sure you’re loving it!
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.


  2. A larger ironing board is on my husband’s list of things I want him to make me for my quilt room. I love yours! Tee shirt quilts definitely require a different set of tools. Also loving the Dear Jane blocks, what a task to take on!


  3. I love your larger ironing board. I have those projects too, where they just lean against the wall waiting for me to finally get around to it. Or to come up with a brilliant idea for how to use that piece of whatever.

    Your Dear Jane blocks look great. I’ve hemmed and hawed many times about whether I want to jump in make some Jane blocks. I would want to hand piece mine and that’s what’s been holding me back. I really don’t need another hand piecing project especially one that detailed and large.

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  4. Your blocks look great. I made a Civil War fabric Dear Jane. I’ve got about 40 blocks of a batik Dear Jane. They are really fun to make and a LOT of work.

    I think the legs of the ironing board should work. I’d just be careful not to press too hard. That might have an effect.


  5. The Dear Jane blocks are really nice. It is going to be a very special quilt.
    I would love to give my old ironing board a larger surface but, like Jen O., I just don’t have the space.


  6. Oh I \ love the ironing board! I would love to make one of those.

    The Dear Jane blocks are looking fabulous. My DJ officially has been turned into a UFO. I am not liking what I was doing with it and probably will make it into a top as is to donate it. It is still on my quilting bucket list but I need to plan better than I did. I’m loving yours.


  7. I love the ironing board. I don’t even have room to keep my ironing board up most of the time, let alone with a bigger top, lol. I have, however, thought about making an ironing pad to sit on top of my cutting table for pressing larger tops and fabric.It’s still in the “development and planning” phase, lol.

    You Dear Jane blocks are lovely.


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