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  1. So happy your job is finished! What a great feeling.
    The getting ready and getting in the mindset of going to Disney is always SUCH an adventure when done right. I don’t understand these people who just “go”. You have to be in the “all things Disney” you describe to do it right. Well done.
    CONGRATS on the Cricut. I have a Silhouette and love it. So many opportunities for fun.
    That document folder is excellent! So useful. So are the autograph books. These will be such good memories! The planning book is also wonderful. You are REALLY doing well with the Cricut!
    The shirts are just adorable. Again, can’t believe all your Cricutness!
    Aside from that, you are not doing anything else? When would you have time? Why would you want to? lol.
    Good luck with your sugar-free month! I envy that. I agree with the accountability thing. I have really cut down on sugar, but my doctor wants me eating more fruit, so I am easing more fructose and less of the other sugars. I avoid sugar substitutes when I can (usually only in drinks, and I have cut those down drastically). I’ll be looking forward to updates on your February.
    I must say, now that your job is finished, you have a certain sense of FREEDOM about you. I am happy that you have embraced it. I think you will probably much busier than when you were working now.
    Have a great week and enjoy your all things Disney!


    1. Thank you i do feel free suddenly , it’s silly cause it was only a part time thing but it just stressed me out so much it wasn’t worth it. I love my cricut , I have had a couple of disasters but that’s done to some dodgy vinyl that melted under my iron,lesson learnt ,cheap iron on is cheap for a reason. Day three of sugar free and I am so surprised how many things have sugar.

      My husband is one of those people who do not realise you have to plan a disney trip, he keep saying we have months,he is like that with Christmas to, they don’t realise it wouldn’t get done if we didn’t put the effort in. Bless


  2. I’m so excited for you and your TWO holidays. Wow! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Your Star Wars document holder is fantastic. I really like the autograph books, too. It looks like you’re having a lot of fun with your Cricut!

    Best of luck going sugar-free. I am *very* low sugar for the same reason. I enjoy it for a hot minute and then I feel kind of gross after. You can do it!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what fabric you send for your jelly roll strips!

    Happy, happy birthday to your sweet girl. ♥


    1. I know we are so excited about it. I am loving the cricut, it’s so hard to find random stuff in the uk at a reasonable price and this way we can be unique to.

      It’s day three of sugar free and I am beginning to wonder if everything has sugar in it, salt and vinegar crisps ….. Why. Lee says that they had it to stabilize flavours but oh my it’s hard.still three days done so that’s good.

      Hannah had a fab birthday bless her, lots of Lego and. Earth things, she’s so like me sometimes.

      Package is on its way ,it’s such a mix of things i liked,hopefully I sent enough.


  3. Ahhhhhhhhh! Yay for Disney Holidays! I’m so excited for you and your family.

    I have avoid the Cricut because I think I would become obsessed with it. I have enough pals with them that I can always buy the vinyl and have them cut for me. I really love the autograph books. I can t wait to hear all about it. You will have the best time!

    As I mentioned on Fbook. I started no sugar low carb in December. I know it’s hard. I can’t seem to manage any self control when I eat sugar. So kind of all or nothing for me. I can’t even tell you how much better I feel. Like a million times better. My stomach issues are 100% gone and the horrible muscle cramping/pain I had is also gone. I have cheated twice and both times I felt horrible after. I think I need to stay long term with it. I drink a lot of fruity teas when I’m craving sweets. You can do it!


    1. Yeah I have become a little obsessed with the cricut,if you stand still long enough in this house i may vinyl something on you. I love it though. I have slowed up a little as some of the cheaper Hub are just not worth fighting with, so I have to wait until my next craft budget to get more.

      Day three of the sugar free and I am amazed at what contains sugar, it’s quite scary really how quickly it can slip into you diet, had a killer head ache on day 2 as well but that has gone now. I have found a twinning tea that I love called buffering which has no sugar and it’s hitting the spot when I get that sweet craving.

      Hopefully I don’t replace sugar with cheese . Xx


      1. Haha Yes this is why I don’t have a cricut! I know it would vinyl the daylights out of everything.

        Yes it’s shocking what has sugar in it. My oldest kiddo was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12. We learned very quickly how much sugar is added to everything! It’s insane and no wonder we crave it all the time. I drink a lot of a Twinning tea these days. My favorite is Pomegranate/ Raspberry. Mostly artificial sweeteners implant the blood glucose in the smart way as sugar. It you need a replacement small amounts of Stevia are ok without triggering the raised blood glucose. Lots of water on headache days. It seems to flush the system faster.
        Haha I love cheese! My guilt pleasure was to many nuts and cheese for sure.
        Hang in there! You got this!


        1. It really had opens my eyes to how much sugar we all eat. The most surprising thing to me is that when something is advertised as low fat that often means high in sugar . I have increased my water as well which you are right does seem to help.

          I just need to keep breaking that habits, a sweet thing after a meal or a convenience breakfast bar, it’s to easy to eat bad and it’s cheaper to.


  4. Happy end of work!

    Big travel plans! Bet you can’t wait for that 😀

    The Disney tshirts and autograph books and everything else look really great!

    Best of luck with the no sugar thing. I should join you too! I don’t eat a lot of sugary things generally (I tend to like crunchy and salty more than sweet), but I still feel like I probably eat too many so hm. I’ll have to think about it.


    1. You would be shocked at what contains sugar when you start looking, why would you need it in salt and vinegar crisps. 😯

      I am on countdown to Disney now , can’t wait xx


  5. Congratulations on the upcoming holidays! April will actually be quite different from July. Something to bear in mind is the July is in the middle of storm season. So you just have to be prepared for that. I remember I went to Disney with my daughter when she was about 9 or 10. I had work meetings and since school was out I brought her with me, and my brother met us there and he hung out with Phebe while I was working. A tropical Storm hit and it rained and rained. Our flight ended up getting delayed and we were stuck in the airport for quite a while the day we left. But she still had a blast. That was weird for us since we live in the desert, but I’m sure living in the UK you are well used to sudden squalls. And OMG the humidity. I can’t remember a minute I wasn’t sweating. Again, desert dwellers, lol.

    Also congratulations on no longer working the job you hated. That’s always a relief.

    The shirts are fun. Y’all will be so cute.


    1. Yeah we are used to the rain but the best might get to us. It’s so hard because you can not take kids out of school during the term so we are stuck with certain times. The sad thing is that the holiday company’s know this and the prices in those months are doubled. When we were considering our April holiday we were going to stay in the uk, but the cost was only a little less then Disney . We also thought it would start chemicals getting used to the heat.

      I need to convince my husband and son to join the Disney madness sometimes , I see more toy story and star wars t shirts in my future,which is ace cause i love star wars and you story . Xx


  6. Love all the Disney items you’ve made…especially the Star Wars document holder. Two Disney trips…AWESOME! Can’t wait to hear all about them. Did the dining plan when my kids were younger and it was great. Got a lot of character time/autographs by having one special character meal planned a day. My son was about the same age as yours when we did it and he wasn’t in to the characters until we had breakfast at Akershus Royal banquet hall and all the beautiful princesses came by…his eyes got really big when Jasmine came in her beautiful outfit. LOL! I’ll never forget the look on his face.


    1. I am so happy you mentioned that character meal as I have it booked. My daughter is so into the princesses and Cinderella table was so expensive that we opted for that one. We also have breakfast at garden grill booked to see chip and dale. Xx


  7. A trip to Disney in April will be so much fun. Our weather is just starting to warm up but it isn’t too hot yet. July is exciting because of all the special holiday events Disney does, the weather is going to be much hotter but if you have a pool you’ll be all set.

    The document holder is a great idea. Keep everything all in one place so hopefully things do go astray.

    You’ve been very busy this week.


    1. We thought that be going in April it would start the kiddos getting used to the heat, and we do have a pool i July so that will be great. Xx


  8. I am craving a Disney trip, and this video just made it worse. I absolutely love your t-shirts, they are great! We did the dessert party for the fireworks when we were there a few years ago, and it was pretty great. Happy Disney crafting!


    1. Really happy to hear you enjoyed the dessert party. I was worried that it would be not worth the cost plus you have to pay up front.

      I haven’t even started the Harry potter g shirts i want for universal in July yet xx

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  9. Disneeeeeeeeeey! I’ve been to Disney World twice years ago and loved it. Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it to you or someone else here but there’s a YouTube channel called The Tim Tracker where this guy and his wife who live in Florida go all over the place in the state, but they have a ton of Disney (and Harry Potter) videos. All sorts of tips and tricks for the visitor, and just generally getting the feel of the place and where things are. I’ll never be able to go again so watch his videos a lot.

    Sugar is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I firmly believe it’s used so much because it’s addictive and makes us want to eat more. Be careful replacing it with artificial sweeteners though. I’d been having massive body aches for a long time, ran out of the Diet Cokes with Splenda I’d been drinking every day and found a lot of the aches and pains went away. I looked around online and found a lot of people had the same reaction to Splenda. Guess I’m down to water and unsweetened tea. 🙂


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